She Did What?! Top 8 Dramatic Celebrity Hair Makeovers

The Hollywood crowd is known for making drastic changes to their celebrity hair styles, but sometimes, they go above and beyond simple celebrity hair cuts and highlights. From Snooki poufs to buzz cuts, some celebrities aren't content with an everyday hairstyle and decide to completely change their look. Here are eight celebrities who've undergone incredible celebrity hair style makeovers: 1. Britney Spears. When Britney shaved her head back in 2007, it was huge news. Since the owner of the beauty shop refused to do it for her, she grabbed the clippers and did it herself. Although at the time, it was considered more proof of her status as a “fallen pop angel,” you have to admit that the lady has guts. 2. Joaquin Phoenix. This actor is no stranger to celebrity hair cuts. After spending a year trying to break into the hip-hop scene and growing out a lumberjack-style beard, Joaquin turned up in early 2010 with a short hair cut and no beard – apparently, that's just a day in the life of a rapper. 3. Natalie Portman. Batalie proved there's no such thing as too much commitment when she shaved her head for her role as Evey in V for Vendetta. She showed us that she looks great both with hair and without. 4. Emma Watson. This British actress decided to ditch her Hermione-style locks for a head-skimming pixie celebrity hair style. Her hair cut changed her entire style and gave her an edgy, grownup look – just right for an actress trying to break out of her signature role. 5. Lady Gaga. No list of dramatic celebrity hair style makeovers would be complete without a mention of Lady Gaga. The formerly-brunette singer went platinum blonde when she launched her career, inspiring thousands of imitators. Even though she's now losing her hair, we still have to give her props for her sometimes-crazy, sometimes-genius celebrity hair styles. 6. Katie Holmes. Katie Holmes shocked the world when she ditched her girl-next-door locks for something a little more serious. Her blunt bob with bangs made her an instant style icon – although it helps that she was also tabloid fodder at the time. 7. Emma Stone. This naturally-blonde leading lady is more known for her roles as a brunette in Superbad and Easy A. She went back to her natural state for her role in the upcoming Superman movies. 8. Kate Gosselin. The world's most infamous mom spent most of last year switching between styles at the blink of an eye, from a “backwards mullet” style to long human hair extensions and back to a mid-length style. Celebrity hair styles change with the seasons, but these eight celebrities went to extremes with their hair makeovers. From reality stars to musicians, it seems like dramatic celebrity hair style makeovers aren't restricted by genre. Which celebrity hair style makeovers are you a fan of? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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