Celebrity Hair Talk: Jennifer Aniston

When it comes to celebrity hair talk, you don't get much bigger than Jennifer Aniston. She's one of our favorite celebrities with long hair, and she knows how to wear it. From spawning an international hair trend to showing she can deal with drama (and escape with every hair in place), Jennifer's hair is always classic and stylish. Jennifer launched her name (and hair style) into the celebrity hair talk arena in 1994 with the premiere of Friends. “The Rachel,” as her hair style became known, was named after her character on the show. It spread across the country as ladies flocked to the salon to get some of Jennifer's style. Although many celebrities with long hair have started trends, none were quite so lasting as The Rachel. If you want to get Jennifer's hair, try one of her signature looks:
  • Side-swept bangs. Jennifer is known for her side-swept bangs, which frame her face. This is a look almost any face shape can pull off, so give it a try if you're looking to capture Jennifer's style.
  • Long, loose waves. Throughout the late '90s and into the millennium, Jennifer was known for her long, wavy hair. Try some clip in hair extensions styled in messy waves, to get this look.
  • Stick straight. Although she often wears waves, Jennifer occasionally straightens her hair. The trick to this style is to keep your hair as smooth and glossy as possible. Natural hair extensions can help you get this look, since you'll be able to use a hair straightener for stick straight hair (without the damage).
  • Go for a pony. When Jennifer decides to go for an updo, she usually wears her hair in a ponytail. Whether it's sleek and shiny or a little messy, Jennifer's updos are always timeless (making her one of just a few celebrities with long hair to pull this off!).
Jennifer's latest hair style is again the focus of celebrity hair talk. Her latest 'do, a natural blonde bob, frames her face and highlights her gorgeous cheekbones. It's edgier than some of her past styles, which may mean a new trend is on the rise. This time, let's give credit where it's due and call it “The Jennifer.”


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Posted: Apr 05 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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