Celebrity Hair Talk: Dancing With the Stars

Dancing With the Stars' twelfth season kicked off earlier this week, and with it, 11 new stars took the stage to cha-cha, swing and hip hop their way to reality show glory. While the rest of the country is focusing on their sweet moves and body transformations, we're more interested in what's up top – their hair, of course! From sensuous waves to barely-there hair, these celebrities hair styles are as diverse as they are interesting.
  • Kirstie Alley. This Hollywood actress and reality show darling is best known for her honey-colored waves. Her hair was the standout feature on her ads for the TV show Fat Actress.
  • Mike Catherwood. We hate to make the comparison, but contestant Mike Catherwood's hair is more than a bit reminiscent of a certain Mr. Sheen. Fortunately, his radio show gig keeps his looks off stage most of the time.
  • Chris Jericho. His blonde tough-guy hair is a perfect complement to this wrestler's buff bod. We can only hope his dancing is as macho as his hair.
  • Chelsea Kane. This cutie is sure to dance her way into America's hearts, starting with her blonde bob. On this week's episode, she kept it short and perky to emphasize her fun foxtrot.
  • Sugar Ray Leonard. A boxer by trade, Sugar Ray's short hair helps him stay safe in the ring – but will it help him on the dance floor? The judges sure don't think so. Out of a possible 30, Mr. Leonard scored just 17.
  • Ralph Macchio. Known for his headband-sporting role as Daniel Larusso, the former Karate Kid is taking his moves to the dance floor. We're sure glad he ditched the headband in favor of a short brown crop – as they say, “hair on, hair off.”
  • Petra Nemcova. The sometimes-brunette, sometimes-blonde model abandoned her flowing hair for a diaphanous gown on the first episode of DWTS. She wore her hair in a wave-enhanced bun for her romantic first dance on the show.
  • Romeo. This celebrities hair styles have ranged from cornrows to a short crop. His current cut keeps all eyes on his sweet ballroom moves.
  • Hines Ward. Hines Ward went bare for his dancing debut – at least on top. It's a nice change of pace from his typical helmet head.
  • Kendra Wilkinson. This blonde babe's long locks stole the show last night – but mostly because her dancing left a lot to be desired. Although she was the favorite going into the premiere, her lackluster moves were outshone by her braided and curled style.
  • Wendy Williams. Her thick, gorgeous hair is definitely star-worthy. Her lengthy waves complement her face – and her dancing. We're sure she'll be the celebrity hair talk of the town.
This season of Dancing With the Stars is sure to spawn lots of celebrity hair talk. These celebrities hair styles range from long and lush to nonexistent. Which styles do you like best? Let us know in the comments!


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Posted: Mar 24 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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