Lady Gaga Loses Her Hair - She Wasn't Born That Way

The celebrity hair talk world is abuzz with news that everyone's favorite weird pop singer is losing her hair. That's right – Lady Gaga wasn't born with platinum blonde, bow-shaped hair. Stephani Germanotta, better known as singer Lady Gaga, is naturally a dark brunette and chemically treats her hair to get the platinum look fans love. Dyeing her hair over and over is starting to take its toll. Lady Gaga recently revealed to People that her hair is falling out and she has to get hair cuts to prevent major hair loss. Although hair dye can be a great way to makeover your entire look, it can cause your hair to become brittle and dry – and eventually fall out. Hair dye works by opening up the hair cuticle, then inserting pigment into the shaft, causing your natural locks to shift in color. Bleaching your hair like Lady Gaga actually hurt the hair shaft even more deeply. Hair bleach causes an interaction with the melanin in the hair shaft, leaving it colorless – and dry. Although deep conditioners can help restore some of the moisture, the damage is typically irreversible. Hair damage like the kind Lady Gaga is facing happens when the hair is chemically treated too often. Although her damaged hair may grow back if left untreated, she's unlikely to stop bleaching (because, let's face it, her hair is half the appeal). All the celebrity hair talk surrounding her means she'll probably keep treating her hair. Until Lady Gaga invents a way to get lighter-than-platinum blonde hair, natural hair extensions may be a solution. Even though a wig-slip would be hilarious, most people prefer their Gaga with hair that doesn't fly off her head halfway through a concert. While a hair cut can solve part of the problem, it leaves the hair short and still damaged. One way to get long locks back post-chemicals is to get natural hair extensions. This leaves the hair long and silky – although the damaged portion is still there, it can be easily covered by the extensions. Plus, with the wide range of colors available, you can choose natural hair extensions in the color of your choice, even if that color is slightly unnatural. What do you think about the celebrity hair talk surrounding Lady Gaga? How do you mitigate hair damage from dyeing? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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Posted: Mar 22 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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