Top 5 Celebrity Hair Cuts at the People's Choice Awards

The 2011 People’s Choice Awards felt like standard award show fare – celebrity presenters, special guest performances, and B-listers turning out in droves. Unlike most years, celebrities kept their looks pretty tame in 2011. However, if there’s one thing they got right in 2011 - it’s their hair. Curls and volume dominated, with a healthy dash of low ponytails to spice things up. Here are the top 5 celebrity hair cuts of the People's Choice Awards: Katy Perry Some might call Katy Perry the Queen of the Fashion Don’t List – and they’d probably be right. Katy’s typically flamboyant style walks the line between chic glamour-girl looks and crazy monstrosity, but Katy worked some magic at the People’s Choice Awards in her fairy godmother dress and huge bouncy curls. Her cool hair extensions were quirky but not over-the-top, while the side part and flipped over bangs gave her style a little retro flare. Her bright fuchsia lips tied everything together in one kooky-but-cute package.   Maggie Q Speaking of curls, Maggie Q of Nikita fame took a step away from her action-star style and went curly for a night. Her usual slick locks were replaced by real hair extensions forming a curly mane. Unlike Katy’s overly-stylized celebrity hair cut, Maggie kept her curls more natural-looking. Who says a rogue assassin can’t kick ass on the red carpet, too? The Kardashians The Kardashians definitely swept the 2011 People’s Choice Awards (now that’s a sentence nobody expected to see). The sisters managed to avoid looking like a collective train wreck and kept it incredibly classy. Let’s just get the obvious out of the way, since nobody can shut up about it. Yes, the Youngest Kardashian is now a redhead. But she’s not content to stop there. In fact, Khloe wants to channel Jessica Rabbit with some red hair extensions. If she was looking for a way to distance herself from the rest of the Kardashian clan and ensure that everybody she meets, ever, will enquire about her carpet, she couldn’t have made a better move. Kim Kardashian took it a little over-the-top, as always, but her bouffant with sideswept bangs was more do than don’t. That’s really all you can ask for with the Kardashians.  While Kourtney’s dress left something to be desired, her hair was fantastic. Her voluminous curls may have been overshadowed by her sisters’ styles, but they were still absolutely spot-on. Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart decided to shake things up from her usual “I’m punky but still girly” look and to move on to something even more sparkly than a vampire in the sunlight. But aside from her disco ball dress, Kristen’s look is actually quite lovely. Her hair has managed to escape its usual tight updo and the effect is polished and charming. However, she could probably use some real hair extensions. Her shoulder length brown locks scream “bedhead” a little too often to be intentional.   Zac Effron The jury’s still out on Zac Efron’s new do. Zac “of course I’m a real actor” Efron showed up at the People’s Choice Awards missing something – his hair. Word on the street is that his cropped cut is for a movie role in which he plays a recently-returned Marine. While some accept this explanation without further discussion, others see his mostly buzzed head as a backlash against the shaggy stylings of a certain Mr Bieber. Without his full coif, Zac seems a little lost and forlorn. Quick, somebody get the man some clip in hair extensions! He still makes the best hair list for having the courage and tenacity to turn up to an awards show looking so drastically different, but in the long run, Zac without hair is like a world without rainbows – not somewhere that anybody would want to live. What did you think of the hair at the 2011 People’s Choice Awards? Who had the best celeb hairstyle of the night? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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Posted: Jan 10 2011
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