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Having luscious locks can be achievable for anyone. A major part of it is having an optimal hair care routine, using the right products, as well as nourishing your body from within. To keep your hair shiny, healthy, and lush – here are our tips for the “Best Hair Ever Beauty Routine!”


Invest in a Hair Mask

  • Your hair, just like your body, requires nutrients! If your tresses tend to get dull, frizzy, and hard to brush, this is a major sign that additional nutrient support is needed. Not only should you optimize your diet with plenty of raw fruits and vegetables, but also nourish your hair directly with an intensive hair mask. The Leyla Milani Hair ‘Rescue Me Hair Mask’ is designed to work with the hair cuticles, to build elasticity and strength, while boosting hydration and protecting the hair shaft from environmental elements. Use this treatment once a week and use less frequently as you begin to see an improvement in your hair’s texture.


Use a Gentle Brush

  • Brushing your hair is so important since you’ll want to spread the natural oils from your scalp throughout your strands. This helps to promote natural luminosity and shine. However, many brushes can be harsh and cause breakage to your locks. For this reason, it’s important to use a brush that gently works through tangles and smoothes out the hair. The Leyla Milani Hair “Miracle Brush” is designed for exactly that, as it’s a perfectly balanced combination of natural boar and nylon bristles to penetrate and glide smoothly through the hair, boosting shine and adding volume – without causing breakage!


Don’t Over Wash Your Mane

  • When your scalp gets a bit oily, the natural tendency is to wash it…right? Well that depends. You should aim to wash your strands no more than every other day or every 2 days. Over-washing strips your hair’s naturally protective oils, while in turn increasing oil production overall. The perfect remedy to this is using dry shampoo! The Leyla Milani Hair “No H20 Dry Shampoo” will absorb any excess sebum in your hair, removing grease without leaving any residue behind. It will also add a wonderful texture for styling!


Enjoy Horsetail Tea

Horsetail is an incredibly high food source of silica – which is fantastic for promoting health hair (not to mention it will also do wonders for your skin and nails). Silica is essential for collagen production in the body, which is part of the connective tissue that promotes supple skin, healthy hair, nails, as well as the vitality of every cell throughout the body


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Posted: Apr 04 2016
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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