How to Wear a Ponytail with Hair Extensions

celebrity with dirty blonde hair in a ponytail

Using your hair extensions is a wonderful way to thicken and beautify your ponytail! There are several techniques to use and so many styles to play with. Here are 3 ways to wear a ponytail with hair extensions:



High Ponytail


  • Create a high ponytail at the back of your head using only a small portion of your hair. This will act as a secure base for your ponytail, for which you’ll be clipping in your hair extensions. Take a 3-clip weft and clip it around your ponytail. Continue placing wefts on top of each other in the same way and use as many as you need to achieve the hair thickness that you want. Gather all your hair into a high ponytail, running your hands through to ensure there are no bumps. Secure with a hair elastic. Use a comb to brush out any flyaways at the crown of your head for an extra sleek look. Take your Miracle brush and gently brush out your ponytail. Finish by taking a piece of hair from your ponytail and wrapping it around your hair elastic, securing with bobby pins.


Messy Ponytail

  • Separate the front of your hair and clip in a 2-clip weft facing backward. Separate your hair midway and flip upside down – here you’re going to clip in as many wefts as your need for desired thickness, but facing the opposite Leave some hair at the nape of your neck to cover the clips. Pull up your hair into a ponytail and pull out front pieces to frame your face. Tug at the hair on top to help loosen. Continue by teasing random sections of your ponytail. Finish with a light coating of hairspray, scrunching upwards for extra texture.


Romantic Ponytail

  • Clip in 3-4 clip hair extension wefts as you normally would (add a full set of extensions for additional volume). Tease your hair at the crown. Pull your hair into a ponytail and secure with an elastic band. Comb away any stubborn flyaways using your Miracle Brush. Begin curling your ponytail into soft curls, taking medium sections each time (use the 1-inch barrel of your Triple Threat Ceramic Curling Iron). Once your entire ponytail is curled, brush out the curls to achieve a more romantic look!


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Posted: Sep 19 2016
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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