How to: Heatless Beach Waves

Nicole Scherzinger wearing sunglasses with wavy hair at the beach 

It’s a beautiful feeling to look like you’ve just paraded off the beach! Salty swept waves, sun-kissed skin, and an effortless happy glow is where it’s at. Beach or not – here’s how to get your tresses on point.





  • Begin with freshly washed hair. Using your Leyla Milani Hair Miracle Brush, gently roll the brush over any stubborn knots. The boar bristles are soft enough to protect the hair from any potential breakage.
  • Part your hair anyway that you like – down the middle or parted slightly to either side.
  • Next, take a section of hair and spray generously with your Leyla Milani Hair Beachy Volume & Texture Spray. Then, twist and wind this section into a mini bun, and pinning it into place with bobby pins. You can spray this on damp or dry hair, finger dry or let is dry naturally. For this tutorial, you are applying it to damp hair. Repeat this process until all sections of hair are completed. You can choose thicker sections of hair on top to keep the waves loose.
  • Once all sections are pinned, mist them with more sea salt spray and sleep on it. If your hair is still damp by morning, let air-dry or use your Leyla Milani Hair Blow Me Away Hair Dryer if you’re on your way out the door. You can blow-dry your hair upside down for more volume and simply scrunch sections as you go.
  • To set, finish this look with a light coat of your Leyla Milani Hair Hold it Right There Hairspray on level 1 (for flexible hold). Work it in by scrunching your hair to hold this beachy wave.


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Posted: Aug 29 2016
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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