Get Debby Ryan’s Glam Curls

Recently, Disney actress and singer Debbie Ryan was seen “rocking out” while getting her hair done (this all captured on Instagram). While a funny video to watch, we’d love to show you how to get the famous curls her stylist attempted to give her—minus the “inappropriate headbang” by Debby!  ;) 1.    Separate hair into 3 sections (bottom, middle, and top) and secure with clips. 2.    For Debby Ryan’s big curls, her stylist is using a barrel iron and purposefully doesn’t use the clamp. She is using a 1¼ inch barrel thickness—anything smaller would produce more ringlet type curls. The Milani Hair Triple Threat Ceramic Curling Iron would actually be a better choice for this type of curl since it already comes without the clamp, while also having a heat-protective safety glove that is included in every package (most people attempting this style at first may burn their hands). Its tourmaline ceramic technology will further provide a silkier, frizz-free finish than would a regular curling iron, which tends to cause more damage. 3.    Take a small section of your hair—about 1-2 inches and wrap tightly around the barrel. Hold for 10 seconds and release. Repeat this process without any overlap until your entire head has been curled. Remember also to curl your hair away from your face. 4.    Finish with a light coat of hairspray to set and you’re ready to go! 5.    For softer curls, you can either run your fingers through your hair or brush out the curls. Here is an excellent video tutorial on how to achieve the same curls using the Milani Hair Triple Threat. You can also see how voluminous and shiny it looks with the Milani Hair Blonde Hair Extensions. It’s a simple process that can easily be mastered with the right tools, and you’re on your way to celebrity hair like Debby Ryan’s beautiful glam curls!


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Posted: Aug 14 2013
by: Duck & Cover

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