Trend Setting - Celebrity Bangs

Bangs come and go -- and right now they are hot! Even the first lady, Michelle Obama has gone for the fringed hair look, spurring all kinds of new sightings of people with bangs. Just two of the new celebrity bangs spotted recently are pictured here. Even though Jessica Alba has new bangs, this photo is from a while ago, so bangs are not new to her.jessica alba bangs Neither are bangs new to Lauren Conrad, pictured here recently. Over the years, she has sported both regular and side-swept bangs. Bangs can add a whole new look to your face and hair and can give you a sultry, sexy look or a fun and playful look depending on how you wear them. The great fun about bangs is now you don't have to commit to having your hair cut -- clip in bangs are easy to use and great to have to either try out the "bang" look or just for variety. Milani Hair clip in bangs are made with 100% real Remy hair - so they can be washed, dyed to match, trimmed to the desired length or even curled. You can leave them long and sweep them off to the side if you like.

How to Put In Clip In Bangs

To apply clip-in bangs, simply push back your hair and put the two front clips along your hairline and then clip in the back clip. You may have to trim the bangs to get your desired length. Milani Hair clip in bangs comes with extra hair along the sides to make them easy to blend into your own hair. Style as you would any bangs. The video below from Moda Mob shows you how easy it is to apply clip in bangs. Enjoy the new look and surprise your friends at the next party!


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Posted: Jun 23 2013
by: Duck & Cover

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