Leyla Milani: The Examiner Interview with the Founder of Milani Hair

Milani Hair is one of the most popular brands on the market today. It is growing exponentially, and consists of everything from hair extensions and hair tools to hair care products. Leyla Milani is the founder, and has created a simply outstanding company. She is a former “Deal or No Deal” model. She was also seen on an episode of TLC’s “Secrets of a Trophy Wife” and Bravo’s “Shahs of Sunset.” The star created Milani Hair to fill a void in the marketplace. The clip in hair extensions are safe to use, and feature premium (and organic) Remy human hair -- the highest quality. Since the extensions consist of human hair, they can be styled and colored the same as one’s own hair. Consumers around the world are thrilled with the product, and it is truly a noteworthy line. Leyla Milani spoke with Examiner.com. She discussed Milani Hair, her vision for the brand, and much more. Katrina-Kasey Wheeler: When and why did you decide to launch a line of hair extensions? Did you wear hair extensions? Leyla Milani: I used to be on a show called “Deal or No Deal” which aired on NBC. It was hosted by Howie Mandel. I was model #13. I was called “lucky thirteen.” I became known for my hair on the show. My hair is jet black now. At the time though, I had a lot of highlights in my hair. It was very curly and big. It was kind of like Texas or pageant hair. It was just very big and full. People loved it. I would get e-mails from all over the world asking about it. At that time I was busy -- we were filming two or three shows a day. I didn’t really have any time to have any businesses on the side. When the show was ending in 2009, I decided that it was time to give people what they want: Big, sexy, and beautiful hair. I’m Persian, so I naturally have a lot of hair. At the end of the season, having been on more than two-hundred shows, my hair was pretty much fried. I kept getting trims and it wasn’t as full as it once was. I started experimenting with different clip in extensions. I couldn’t find a quality human hair extension product that I loved, that lasted, looked natural and was affordable. I began the process of research and development. I found a supplier overseas. I started working with them and finally developed the line of hair extensions. My first product was a seven-piece, twenty-inch length human hair extension product. I started with about ten colors ranging from jet black to platinum blonde. Since then, I have added other shades and various lengths. There are also clip in bangs, and heat styling products. I also have the Triple Threat Curling Iron as well. I am so excited about my new styling line. The products include hairspray, dry shampoo, and a volume boosting hair powder. KKW: During the process of creating and launching the brand, which aspects were the most important to you? LM: It was important to me that the hair looked real and natural. I didn’t want to turn to the synthetic hair version. I really wanted to stay authentic with the real human hair. I wanted the person to be able to curl it, cut it, and color it if they wanted to, just like real hair. Quality was number one. Pricing was number two. I also wanted to make sure that everyone could afford it. I would say that for the cost of an average salon visit, you can get hair extensions that will last for a long time. I also wanted the products to be accessible. I launched the line on my website, and now it is in about eighty independent beauty supply stores and salons throughout the world. KKW: There are a number of hair extensions on the market. What sets your line of hair extensions apart from others? LM: I stand behind my products. I have always been known for my hair. My hair has always been my trademark. I have always had long and thick hair. It is probably because of my Persian heritage, but I have always had my hair. I want every product in my line to represent me, and my belief of beauty. I feel that big sexy hair is always important. It is the crown on a woman’s head. When you have great hair you feel great. Men love long hair. Clip in extensions are great for those (for whatever reason), don’t have long and thick hair. The other forms of extensions such as those that must be sewn-in or glued are just not feasible. They are expensive and damage one’s hair. The Milani Hair extensions are simple to use, look great, and are affordable. KKW: I think it is great that chemical treatments are not added to the Remy Hair extensions. Was that something that was important to you to exclude when creating your line of extensions? LM: We tried our best to get the highest quality hair for the price. Of course, there is much higher priced hair on the market, but we try to get it at a point where it is still wonderful quality and will last anywhere from three to nine months. That depends on how it is maintained and how much it is used. It was also important for me to offer a variety of shades. There are many different hair colors. All of the extensions are multi-tonal, so even the black has different tones in it. They are designed to blend in with everyone’s hair. KKW: You offer consumers a great array of shades to choose from. Do you think that any other hues may be added to the line of extensions in the future? LM: People always ask me if I will ever carry the Ombre extensions. I think it is a trend that is going to be out of style soon. People can certainly purchase extensions and add the Ombre effect to the bottom by coloring them. I always advise people to take them to a professional and don’t buy box coloring. Your hair is an investment. KKW: What are some hair trends that you are seeing and loving? LM: I am seeing a lot of shorter styles as well as the big, beautiful and sexy hair coming back. At the end of the day, everyone loves a full head of hair. The new sleek hairstyles are beautiful and contemporary. However, I feel that the long and beachy look is perfect for summer. The Triple Threat Curling Iron can also really help to achieve that look. I don’t usually straighten my hair, but the Triple Threat is the only thing that I put on my hair. The pastels are definitely trending this spring. Any consumer can get the #60 Platinum Blonde extensions from my line and color them to achieve any pastel shade. I think that shiny, healthy hair is always in style. KKW: What would you say is the biggest mistake that people can make when using hair extensions? LM: You want to do your homework. You want to decide if you want human hair of if you are okay with synthetic hair. There is a new wave of synthetic hair extensions that can be used with hot tools. Those are fine, but quite honestly, when you put that next to human hair it looks like doll hair. It is very shiny, and it just doesn’t blend in with your own hair. You need to research and also know how much you want to spend. You will spend a little bit more for a human hair product. You need to then decide if you want individual wefts or one big piece. One piece doesn’t look very natural when applied to your own hair. Everyone’s head shape and size is different, so with individual wefts, you can kind of customize the hair to your specific needs. There are other things available to consumers such as gluing the extensions or Halo extensions which is a trend I’m seeing. I just don’t see them looking very natural. KKW: The line of hair products has garnered rave reviews, and many have praised the quality of them and how easy they are to use. That must make you incredibly proud and happy with the response that your brand is generating. Was there one moment when you knew that the line was going to take off and become a success? LM: Honestly, Instagram was the biggest moment. I opened the account under my own name for Milani Hair. I have so many followers on there and so many people that have tried my product line. A lot of people are loving the line and are writing to me. They are posting pictures and tagging Milani Hair and my name. I am seeing so many results. It is just amazing. My sales have gone through the roof because of Instagram. I am so thankful for Instagram. People always look to their friends and family to see what they are buying. They trust their friends more than anybody else. No amount of advertising is going to convince someone. I have garnered so many great customers through Instagram. KKW: Your line also now includes hair tools and hair care products. In which other ways would you like to see your brand expand in the years to come? LM: I would love for Milani Hair to be available at either Ulta or Sephora. That is my ultimate goal for the line. I definitely think that the line belongs in stores like those. I know that Ulta does carry a hair extensions line -- but then again, it is not human hair. One of the home shopping channels would be another great platform. Milani Hair initially launched as an infomercial. There was a two-minute spot that we ran, and it did okay. The brand has grown organically throughout the years. KKW: Viewers of “Shahs of Sunset” saw you on an episode of the show. Would you ever be interested in starring on the show, or any other type of reality show? LM: My husband and I were on an episode of “Shahs of Sunset” because we know some of the cast members. That episode chronicled my baby shower. I was also on an episode of “Secrets of a Trophy Wife.” I come from an entertainment background, so I think I’m always open to that. It is a lot of fun. With that being said, I have a family now, and my family is number one: My husband and my little girl. I am very selective now when it comes to reality projects that come my way. I do not want to do anything that would jeopardize my family or take time away from it. I also think though that it would be an amazing platform for Milani Hair. If the right opportunity did present itself, I would give it some serious consideration. For more information on the Milani Hair brand, please visit the official website for further details:www.milanihair.com. To follow Leyla Milani of Milani Hair on Instagram and Twitter, please add the Leyla Milani Instagram account and Milani Hair Twitter account for updates. To view this original article, please click on the below link:  http://www.examiner.com/article/leyla-milani-an-interview-with-the-founder-of-milani-hair


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Posted: May 01 2013
by: Duck & Cover

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