Punk Hairstyles for Summer Music Festivals

It's getting to be that time of year where even serious business women cut loose, let their hair down (or chop it off), and head to summer music festivals like Bonaroo. These events are great excuses to do something funky with your hair that you normally wouldn't do. From bright colors to fun and funky cuts, there are many ways you can incorporate an element of punk into your style – without making a permanent change. Look your best while you're rocking out by following these tips for sweet punk hairstyles this summer:
  • Go short. One way to add a sassy touch to your current hairstyle is to go short. Add some choppy layers to your hair and style them with pomade or styling wax. If you're daring, you can go ultra short with a pixie cut – just remember, if you get sick of it down the road, you can always use real hair extensions to get some length back.
  • Add some color. Add some edge to your punk hairstyles by adding some color. If you're not ready to dye bright orange stripes into your hair, use real hair extensions. Just buy them in blonde and dye them the color you want. Real hair extensions look more natural than the fake stuff, making them a great way to add color to your 'do in seconds.
  • Accessorize. One cool way to get punk hairstyles is to accessorize. A cool studded headband or fishnet hair piece will not only add some style to your hair, they'll also help keep it out of your face in the hot summer sun. Even a prim bun can have punk edge with the right accessories. Look for anything in studded or in neon colors. If you're the artsy-fartsy type, you can make your own accessories.
  • Spike it. Make the ultimate punk statement and get out your hair gel for some liberty spikes. On the up side, you'll have awesome style and will definitely stand out in a crowd. On the other hand, you'll always have to watch where you're going – you could poke an eye out with those things!
No matter which punk hairstyles you choose, make sure you rock it with confidence. After all, punk isn't just a style – it's an attitude.


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Posted: May 13 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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