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Curly to Straight Hair Tutorial

Mila Kunis with straight long brown hair

If you’ve got naturally curly hair, this tutorial is for you! Sleek, straight, and luminous strands can easily be yours with just a few tools and simple steps. Here’s how to create the Straight Hair Look like the pros.   Tools: ‘Blow Me Away’ Professional Ionic Hair Dryer ‘Miracle Brush’ Round Brush ‘Give it to me Straight’ Ceramic Flat Iron Gator Grips ‘Big Tease’ Comb ‘Glossilocks’ Shine Spray   Steps:...

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Heatless Wave Hair

blonde model with blonde wavy hair

There are plenty of heatless wave/curl methods to experiment with and this has got to be on the top of the list! Using only a few simples tools, here’s how to create stunning heatless waves.   Tools: Hair “donut” Hair elastic Spray bottle filled with water Miracle Brush Hair Extensions {optional}     Steps:   Gather your hair in a high ponytail, brushing it backward with your ‘Miracle Brush’ to...

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3 On-the-Go Hairstyles

Blonde Sienna Miller with bangs and a ponytail

 In a rush? These are 3 different styles that are sure to impress and take only seconds to create. So being on the go doesn’t have to make you compromise on style!   Tools: Hair Extensions Miracle Brush No H20 Dry Shampoo Big Tease Comb Hair Elastic Bobby pins   Classic Ponytail One that never goes out of style, and very easy to create! Simply brush your hair out using...

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How to: Mermaid Braid Hair

celebrities at premiere with mermaid braided hair

  This is such a unique and effortlessly stunning hairstyle, with an intricate look that is bound to turn some heads! If you’re looking to channel some inner mermaid, here’s how to do it!   Tools:   Miracle Brush Hair Extensions Hair Elastics {2} Triple Threat Interchangeable Ceramic Curling Iron   Steps:   Brush your hair throughout using your Miracle Brush to ensure there are no tangles. Insert your Leyla...

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Creating the Perfect Low Bun

Olivia Wilde with brown hair in a low bun

  This is a simple, elegant look that can be created perfectly in just minutes! Beautiful for an evening night out or even a professional day at the office, it’s also a great transitional look from day to night. Also, if you’re trying to increase the number of days between hair washes – an up-do is an ideal look for the second day!   Here’s how to create the perfect...

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More Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know!

celebrity with bangs

Effortless hair hacks are always a great idea, especially when they’re super chic! Check out these incredible hair-tips below to not only save you time, but also show you unique ways to style your locks:   For Fine/Thinning Hair If there are any visible gaps in your hair, you can easily take an eye shadow that matches your hair color, and apply it using an angled makeup brush throughout your...

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French Fishtail Braid Hair Tutorial

celebrity with fishtail braid

 This spin on this Fishtail Braid is very unique as it incorporates a French style of braiding! It may take a bit of practice, but the look is so beautifully effortless! Here’s how to get it:   Tools:   Miracle Brush Hair Extensions {Optional} Hair Elastic   Steps:   Always begin by brushing your hair thoroughly with your Leyla Milani Hair ‘Miracle Brush’ to ensure there are no tangles as...

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5 Easy Ways to Curl Your Hair

Nicole Kidman with blonde curly hair

Believe it or not, there are many different techniques you can use to curl your hair using a single barrel curling iron. From tight curls to loose curls (and everything in between) here are 5 easy ways to curl your hair!   Tools: Hair Extensions {always begin by clipping in your Leyla Milani Hair Extensions for added length and volume!} Triple Threat Interchangeable Ceramic Curling Iron Miracle Brush {to start...

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Twisted Rope Braid Hair Tutorial

Nina Dobrev with rope braid hair

A unique take on the braid sensation, this twisted look is especially effortless since it’s much easier than your regular 3-strand or French braid. It’s also incredibly chic and fun to accessorize. Give it a summery spin or keep it posh - here’s how to get the twisted rope braid in just a few simple steps!   Tools:   Hair Extensions Miracle Brush Clear Hair Elastic Glossilocks Shine Spray {optional}...

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How to: Heatless Beach Waves

Mila Kunis with long wavy brown hair

Summer is poppin’ and it’s time for that effortless beach wave look (whether you’ve spent the day by the waves or not)! There are many ways to achieve this look, but here are one of the essential techniques to master, that will preserve your precious locks with no additional heat applied. Here’s how to get it:   Tools: Miracle Brush Hair Extensions (optional) Spray bottle with water (if your hair...

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3 Cute Messy Buns to Master

celebrity with brown hair in a bun

Soft, feminine, and the perfect daytime chic look – here are 3 cute messy buns to master!   Tools: Hair Extensions Teasing Comb Miracle Brush Hair Elastic     Steps:   Clipping in your Hair Extensions The easiest way to wear a bun with hair extensions, is by using the 1 and 2 clip wefts. Find the height of wear you want your bun and then section it off so...

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3 Easy Techniques to get Big Curls

Rita Ora at a premiere with blonde sideswept hair

Everyone wants to know how to get those beautiful, soft, voluminous waves! Here are 3 easy techniques to master that will give just about anyone curl envy ;)   Tools: Miracle Brush Hair Extensions ‘Give it to me Straight’ Hair Straightener ‘Hold it Right There’ Hair Spray ‘Glossilocks’ Shine Spray Gator Grips ‘Blow Me Away’ Hair Dryer   Techniques:   Always begin by brushing your hair throughout with your Leyla...

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