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The 7 Worst Celebrity Hair Cuts of 2010

The hardest thing about putting together a ‘worst of’ list of celebrity hair cuts and styles is narrowing it down to a choice few. American celebrities are nothing more than mirror images of us. Of course, being celebrities, none of them know this. As a result, they confuse praise for permission and use their fame to get away with everything from fashion faux pas, murder, or even worse, bad celebrity...

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Hair I Don’t Know Of The Day – Kim Kardashian

This is a new ad for cornrow extension hair, brought to you by Kim Kardashian and her new BFF Lisa Bonet. Kidding. She's actually coming out with a new album and decided that less make up and more braids will be her ticket to the Grammy's. First and foremost, we think it's really cool that she's not wearing as much make up as she usually does. We had no idea...

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The Hair DON’T of the Day

This is a new feature that we're going to run on a regular basis -- we'll have some Hair Do's, too (but let's be honest, aren't the Hair Don'ts more fun, anyway?). Our first Hair Don't involves one of our favorite singers, Rhianna. Let's get to it, shall we? The hair crime: Rihanna is in Barbados celebrating the holidays with her family, and she hit the beach the other day...

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Sewn-in vs. Clip In Extensions - Are You Looking For a Commitment, or A Little Fun?

If you want instantly longer and fuller hair, you may think that you have to get expensive sewn-in extensions. Thankfully, there’s a less expensive, simpler option. Milani clip in hair extensions offer an affordable, great looking alternative to sewn-in extensions. Sewn In Extensions In order to get real looking human hair extensions, an expensive trip to the salon is usually in order.  The hair has to be hand sewn into...

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Paris Hilton’s Clip In Hair Extension Lawsuit

Executives at Hairtech International, Inc. must be pretty upset -- a judge just forced the company to drop a number of claims against Paris Hilton, who Hairtech was suing for millions of dollars. The firm claims that Hilton signed on to promote the Dream Catchers cheap clip in hair extensions back in 2007, but failed to hold up her end of the bargain. Hairtech executives claim that Hilton broke the...

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Milani Hair vs. Synthetic Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions

You may have heard of a humble, blonde singer named Jessica Simpson and you’ve probably seen her on TV promoting her hair extensions. Sister can definitely sing, but how do her synthetic clip-in hair extensions match up against Milani Hair real hair extensions? • Most of the products in Jessica Simpson hair extensions line is synthetic, so you may feel a bit like a Cut N’ Style Barbie when you’re...

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The Hair Do and Hair Don’t of the Day

First, the Hair Don't:   As recently reported by Hollywood Life, Kate Gosselin (the original Octomom!) recently spent $2,000 at the salon to get a Brazillian blowout, a cut and a color. Two. Thousand. Dollars. This makes it a hair don't on a variety of levels: TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS?! If she drops that much each time she goes, she'll have spent around $20,000 on salon services alone. I hope they...

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Keeping It Real – The Difference Between Real and Synthetic Hair Extensions

When you look at celebrity hair styles, you really can’t tell that they are wearing hair extensions most of the time. It's usually because their wearing real extensions. If you’ve tried synthetic clip-on hair extensions, then you know how disappointing it can be to spend tons of money just to have the hair look cheap and fake. Frequently, it looks like “doll hair” against your natural locks. The main problem...

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