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Romantic Valentine’s Day Updo

Kristen Stewart with her blonde hair styled in an updo

This hairstyle is soft, elegant and easy to create! The big statement piece to this style is the full bun at the back, and so, is a great look to incorporate with your Leyla Milani Hair Extensions.   Tools: Clear hair elastic Bobby pins Leyla Milani Hair Extensions Miracle Brush Big Tease Comb Curling Iron   Note: Clip your two 4-clip wefts together and your two 3-clip wefts together. Simply...

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Simple Pulled Dutch Braid

Chrissy Teigen with dutch braid at naacp

  A gorgeous braided style that you can wear big and voluminous (if you so choose), here is the simple pulled Dutch braid!   Tools: ‘Miracle’ Brush Hair elastic ‘Big Tease’ teasing comb   Steps: Brush your hair backwards and remove any tangles. Part of a section from either side of your forehead using your fingers to create your initial section. Comb through this section once more with your fine-toothed...

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Miley Cyrus Loose Waves

Miley Cyrus with long brown wavy hair

 This look is definitely a popular one! Miley Cyrus loves to rock the opened up loose curls, and you totally can too. It’s effortless, sexy, and really easy to create. All you need are a few simple tools:   Clip-in Hair Extensions (for added length and volume – important for this look!) Ceramic Curling Iron (1 inch barrel) Miracle Brush Gator Grips Hairspray ‘Glossilocks’ Shine Spray   Steps: Brush your...

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Best 2017 Hair Trends

Kendall Jenner at Cannes Film Festival with wet styled hair

Looking for some of the hottest hair trends of 2017? These 3 styles are show-stoppingly fresh and super sleek! Here’s how to create them…   Tools: Hair Extensions Hair elastics Hairspray Flat iron Miracle Brush   Styles   Super High Ponytail Create a mini ponytail at the crown of your head – this will be the anchor for your ponytail and where you will attach your hair extensions. Smooth out...

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Crowned French Braid Style

woman with dirty blonde hair in Crowned French Braid

  This is a bohemian-chic look that is great for an evening night out! It’s a quick way to add some feminine elegance to your style, and also allows you to accessorize. Here’s how to get the Crowned French Braid!   Tools: Miracle Brush Hair Extensions ‘Big Tease’ Comb Bobby pins Hair accessory (optional)   Steps:   Begin by brushing your hair throughout using your Leyla Milani Hair ‘Miracle Brush’....

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3 Date Night Hair Ideas

Evangeline Lilly with wavy brown hair at movie premiere

  Date night calls for some major oomph factor. Here are 3 effortlessly sexy styles that will take your hair game to the next level and are very easy to create!   Tools Hair Extensions Curling Iron Miracle Brush ‘Hold it Right There‘ 3 Level Hairspray Hair elastics   Sexy Voluminous Waves Clip in your Leyla Milani Hair Extensions for added length and volume (optional). Now, taking your Triple Threat...

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How to: Party Ready Curls

celebrity with curly blonde hair wearing sunglasses

  Are you looking for those luscious evening curls but are pressed for time? Here’s an easy technique to show you how to achieve beautiful “party curls” in just minutes!   Tools: Miracle Brush Triple Threat Interchangeable Curling Iron Gator Grips Big Tease Comb Hold it Right There Hairspray Hair Extensions (optional) Big Hair Don’t Care Volume Boosting Powder   Steps: Begin by combing your hair throughout with your Leyla...

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Waterfall Braid Tutorial

front and back of blonde haired celebrity with waterfall braids

  This classic style is absolutely beautiful and a more elegant take on the braided look. It’s a technique can seem a bit confusing at first, but with a little bit of practice it can be achieved in no time. Another option is to do the waterfall braid with a twist, shown below as well!   Tools: Clear hair elastic Miracle brush (always begin by brushing the hair throughout to...

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3 Styles for Short Hair

dirty blonde short haired celebrity

All of these styles look great no matter your hair texture – curly, wavy, or straight! They’re also great techniques to learn and can be used in a number of variations. Here are 3 awesome hairstyles for short hair:   Half-Up French   This is a cool and trendy way to wear your hair half up. You’ll need a few bobby pins and a hair elastic for this style. It...

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Fishtail Ponytail Tutorial

celebrity at premiere with fishtail ponytail

  This is a wonderful ‘everyday’ kind of hairstyle that can be styled in a number of ways! Here’s how to get the fishtail ponytail, while also utilizing your Leyla Milani Hair Extensions for added length and volume:   Tools: Miracle Brush Clip-in Hair Extensions Big Tease Comb Hair elastics (2) Optional: Glossilocks Shine Spray   Steps:   Begin by brushing your hair throughout using your Leyla Milani Hair ‘Miracle...

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How to Blend Hair Extensions

Leyla Milani wearing hair extensions with hands behind her head

  If your haircut is more on the blunt side or your hair is shorter, you may find it difficult to blend your hair extensions in with your natural tresses. If so, this tutorial is for you! Tools: Leyla Milani Hair Extensions Big Tease Comb Miracle Brush ‘Give it to Me Straight’ Flat Iron ‘Hold it Right There’ 3 Level Hairspray Bobby Pins Hair Elastic   How-to:   Section off...

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Braiding for Beginners

black haired woman with fishtail braid

There are four main types of braids – a 3-strand braid, French braid, and fishtail braid. And the best part is? Once you learn these basic braiding techniques you can come up with SO many more style variations.   Now if you’re just starting out, the best way to begin is to tie your hair into a side ponytail and begin working with the braid at the front of your...

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