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Holiday Hair: 5 Ideas for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday filled with warmth and good food, and when you're hosting the festivities, the last thing you have time to think about is maintaining your holiday hair. Hey, you've got recipes and relatives to worry about, and that's quite enough, thank you very much. So this year, let it be different. Wash the flour and cranberry bits from your face and gather round – Milani Hair is...

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Celebrity Hair Talk: Are You a Kim, a Kourtney, or a Khloé?

Love them or love to hate them, the Kardashian sisters own Hollywood. From their wildly popular reality TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” to their upscale boutique D-A-S- H, these sisters run Tinseltown. Known for being stylish trendsetters, these ladies are also a hot topic in celebrity hair talk. While it might seem like the K-girls live in a glitzy world of their own, their hairstyles are pretty down-to-earth...

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Why Human Hair Extensions Are This Season's Must-Have

We're just getting into fall, but the fashion world's spring is just around the bend and it's clear already that bold and unique celebrity hair styles are “in” more than ever. From edgy parts to luxurious updos, designers this year aren't cutting any corners when it comes to styling. The one secret the stylists of the world are keeping hush-hush? Human hair extensions. Not only are stylists using extensions to create the freshest...

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Two Bangin' Bang Hairstyles

Last week, we got all the details on fall 2011's gotta-have-it hairstyle, the ponytail. Whether you choose to rope up your own natural mane or enlist the help of some cool hair extensions, the ponytail is a style no fashionista can afford to ignore this year. But even if you're rockin' the season's favorite 'do in the back, that doesn't mean you can leave your bangs up to chance. Try out these bangin' bang...

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New Obsession in Celebrity Hair Talk: The Return of the Chic, Sexy Ponytail

One of this season's hottest topics in celebrity hair talk is – wait for it – the ponytail. Hold on now. That's not a celebrity hairstyle, is it? No self-respecting fashionista, no self-possessed superstar is going to give a plug to that old standby, right? The ponytail has a reputation for being a lowbrow, casual hairstyle. It's usually found mainly at the pool and the grocery store, maybe the jogging...

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5 Iconic Halloween Hairdos

October means falling leaves, hayrides and, above all, Halloween. Is your costume ready? Looking for some ideas? While Snookie-style hair will easily scare the life (and lunch) out of your fellow partygoers, it's slightly more fun to dress up as your favorite sinister demigoddess. Check out these fun Halloween hairstyles from the big (and little) screen: 1. Elvira. Queen of horror movie marathons and originator of the most famous Halloween...

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The Many Loves of Charlie Sheen and Their Great Celebrity Hairstyles

Ever since he joined the ranks of the Hollywood elite in the 1980s, Charlie Sheen's career has been fraught with scandals and gossip. Charlie's been around the block when it comes to providing tabloid fodder - from a gun mishap to a bevy of adult film star girlfriends; he's survived more train wrecks than almost any other celebrity. Maybe it's the tiger blood. His girlfriends, wives and flings are often...

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