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Hair Extensions - What To Look For

This is something many women who want to achieve long, glossy locks ask themselves. Most of us have heard hair extensions mentioned, but are far from experts in the field. That's why we thought a post about what to look for in hair extensions might be helpful. The best hair extensions look like they could be your own hair. Notice we didn't say "look like they are your own hair"...

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Fall Hair Trends 2013


The spirit of Fall is fast approaching and with it comes gorgeous new color palettes, high fashions, and chic hairstyles to match this posh season. Straight from the runway, here are the most talked about Fall 2013 hair trends to make your own. Low Ponytail Definitely a style favorite, the low ponytail can be worn 3 ways: Messy, Sleek, or Bouncy, depending on whether you’re going for “effortless chic”, “sophisticated”,...

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Best Tips on How to Use Hair Spray

how to use hairspray

By the time we wash, blow dry and style our hair, we obviously want it to last, so what do we do? We use a great hairspray, but knowing how to use hair spray is the trick between a great look and a mess. Here are some hair spray tips and tricks: 1. Don't spray it close to your head. You want to hold it about a foot away or...

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Real Housewives Rock Hair Extensions

gretchen rossi hair extensions

Maybe you don’t have their money or notoriety, but you can have their hair. The Real Housewives, whatever city they’re in, are well known for carefully curated beauty routines, and their tresses are no exception. Just like the middle-class housewife down the street, these notorious ladies get bored with their look, want more volume, crave a new style, desire a bit more length, or just want to mix it up...

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Is Your Hair Aging Faster Than You?

We are often concerned about how our face ages as we get older, but how many of us think about our aging hair? Really, what says “youth” more than shiny, luxurious, bouncy hair? If you are over 30, there’s a good chance you are starting to experience signs of aging hair. See where you fall on this list. Signs of Aging Hair Thinning – often called the “skinny ponytail syndrome”,...

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Get the Look: Neon Highlights

Love the bright and bold celebrity hair trend, but can’t commit to rocking neon locks to the office? No worries! Our new clip-in “funky color hair streaks” extensions,let you add (and remove) pops of color to your ‘do in minutes - no commitment, damage or messy dyes necessary. Available in purple, blue, green, fuchsia and red, these 1-2-3 clip-in extensions (two 20” pieces for $14.99) are 100% organic human hair,...

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Mommy-Wood: On-the-Go Celebrity Hair Extensions

Celebrity hair extensions have been a long time staple of glamour in Hollywood. From Marie Claire cover shoots to red carpet glam, stylists have depended on human hair extensions to create the look of long, voluminous hair that moves naturally with each click of the camera. Typical salon hair extensions can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars in a small town to thousands of dollars in high end metropolitan...

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Hair Trends 2012: Year of the Bang

The hair trends 2012 has to offer are going to be modern, sexy and chic. Long straight locks with modern bangs are back big and celebrity hair blogs are going wild for these hot new looks.  Kim Kardashian Guilty pleasure? Maybe. But we all need our daily dose of the Kardashians. And when it comes to this Kardashian? 2011 was a year that she would probably assume forget. Last year meant...

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Rock the New Year: Hot Holiday Celebrity Hair

Hail a cab to Times Square and grab your sweetie . . . the ball’s about to drop on 2012. But before you put away this season’s Manolos, you’ve got one more chance to rock some hot holiday celebrity hair. So get out your favorite LBD, try one of these playful holiday looks, gloss on your perfect shade of MAC and pucker up for a fabulous New Year.       ...

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5 Fast Facts: Why Remy Hair Extensions Are the Best

What's the difference is between low-quality human hair extensions and Remy hair extensions? Well, it's the difference between looking like Courtney Love the morning after a party and looking like Courtney Love the morning after rehab. Every strand of human hair has an outer layer called the cuticle. This layer gives your hair shine, protects it from damage and makes it manageable. The cuticle can only do its job, though,...

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The Top 5 Dos and Don'ts of Holiday Hair Maintenance

Over the past two weeks, the Milani Hair blog has featured the hottest (and wackiest) holiday hair for 2011. Now we turn our attention to an equally important topic: hair maintenance. In the mad rush of Thanksgiving and Christmas, it's easy to de-prioritize proper hair care, but this is a serious mistake. Neglecting those lovely locks now can mean a hair-repair nightmare come the second of January. Free time is...

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Deck the Halls with Too Much Vodka: Holiday Hangover Hair

The grease makeup and sexy pirate costumes of Halloween are now a few weeks in the past, but that doesn't mean that the season of scary holiday hair is over. From celebrity hair talk glitterati to your average soccer mom, many people find ample opportunity during Thanksgiving and Christmas to shock and frighten with hair that surely puts them on Santa's “naughty” list. Everyone's been there: a few too many...

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