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How to Blow-dry Your Hair Straight

celebrity with straight brown hair

For those of you with wavy, curling, or hard to work hair – this tutorial is for you! This is a simple and effective way to blow-dry your hair STRIAGHT and SHINY.   Tools: ‘Blow Me Away’ Professional Dryer Miracle Brush Round Brush Gator Clips Shine Spray {optional}   Steps:   After washing and conditioning your hair, you’re ready for your blow-dry! {Optional: apply a light coat of heat protectant...

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Titanium vs. Ceramic Flat Irons – What’s the Difference?

Leyla Milani Hair ‘Give it To Me Straight’ CERAMIC flat iron

For most women, a flat iron is that essential hair tool that just can’t be sacrificed. Not only does it have the power to straighten even the most unruly locks, you can even use it to curl, crimp, and tame your mane. But the real question is – do you want titanium or ceramic?! Well, here’s the difference:   TITANIUM Flat Irons Advantages Minimized heat damage due to minimum temperature...

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Burlesque Inspired Hair

woman with burlesque styled hair with a flower in it in a green dress

This look is inspired by sultry character Christina Aguilera played in the film Burlesque! This is an awesome ‘do for a special night out – whether it’s dancing, themed, or you just want to play around with your look. So here’s how to get burlesque inspired hair!   You’ll Need: Boar Bristle Brush Bobby Pins Ceramic Curling Iron (1/2 Inch Barrel for tighter curls) Teasing comb Gator Grips Flower Accessory...

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Victoria’s Secret Tousled Glamour Waves

Victoria Secret angel model posing at show

Extremely natural looking, tousled glamour waves as seen in Victoria’s Secret runway show a few years back– this is certainly an angelic look lusted for by many. It’s super easy and only require a few items. Here’s how to get the sultry Victoria’s Secret Tousled Glamour Waves!   You’ll Need: Ceramic Curling Iron (1.25 inch Barrel) Heat Protectant Spray ‘Hold it Right There’ Hairspray (lighter styling texture needed for this...

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How to Stop Hair Breakage

woman looking at her hair strand

Hair breakage is actually a common occurrence that is both manageable and preventable. When your hair breaks it can be very unsightly, especially if it happens near your scalp. Here are some great tips to minimize or stop breakage from occurring, while keeping your hair healthier and shinier!   Limit Hair Washing Wash your hair only 2-3 times per week. Frequent hair washing can cause the hair to dry out,...

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How to Style Greasy Hair

celebrity with braided topknot

Sometimes you’re just stuck with greasy hair (or just a bad hair day) and are in need of a quick fix if dry shampoo isn’t doing the trick. Here are a few great ways to style greasy hair to look good (until you can get to the shower of course)!   Sleek Ponytail This is a great look especially since you may not want to have your hair in your...

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Curly Hair Maintenance Tips

Rihanna with red curly hair

  Many women fight their curls, but why not embrace them? There are many common hair concerns when it comes to curly hair from fighting frizz, finding the right products to use, and difficulties styling. Here are some great tips on how to show your curly locks some love and have them looking beautiful day-in and day-out.   Don’t Shampoo Your Hair Every Day Shampooing once a week is more...

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How to Curl Your Hair in 5 Minutes

Selena Gomez with long brown curly hair

  It may seem as though you need a good hour to get beautiful curls with long hair, but what if we told you that you can get the same look in 5-7 minutes flat? This technique may just completely change the way you style your hair. Here’s how to curl your hair in 5 minutes:   You’ll Need: Leyla Milani Triple Threat Interchangeable Ceramic Curling Iron with the smallest...

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Unique Hairstyle Ideas

celebrity with Bohemian Waves

Need to add some life to your regular styling? Here are some unique hairstyle ideas that you can flaunt and make your own in no time. They are hip, trendy, and straight from the runway. But who says you can’t work your own catwalk?   Faux Bangs Photo: Emilio Pucci Fall 2013 Sexy, cool, and utterly gorgeous—faux bangs are a perfect way to switch up your style without having to...

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A New Year, a New You: 5 Ways to Change your Look

New Year's is a time to not only look back at what you've accomplished throughout the year about to make its close, but to make a list of promises and goals for the year ahead. This commonly includes dietary changes, a new gym membership, or even a completely new style. New Year’s resolutions however, do not need to be drastic to make you feel transformed (not to say that diet...

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Quick Hair StylingTips for the Holidays


With this being the season of holiday craziness, you might be wondering how you can still have fabulous hair while taking a few tried and tested short-cuts. Because taking time to beautify is at times a complete luxury, here are a few ways you can make the most of your allotted “getting ready” time with these time saving hair styling tips for the holidays. Dry Shampoo • If your roots...

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Three Hairstyles that Highlight Clip in Hair Extensions


Okay, so you bought the best clip in hair extensions. Now what? Well, you can check out our blog for the latest celebrity hair trends. If you're in a rush or a girl who just wants the basics, here are three styles that will highlight your new Milani hair extensions. Hair Down Starting at the nape of the neck, part your hair horizontally. The key to hiding hair extensions is...

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