Two Easy Hairstyles for Curly Hair

anna lynn mccorde with curly hair

Want to know how to create some gorgeous styles with those effortless ringlets? Here are two must-try styles, the first for a cute daytime flair and the other for a more luxurious evening look. And the best part? They take only minutes to create!




  • Bobby pins
  • Small elastics (that match your hair color)
  • Gator Grips {to hold hair when styling}
  • Shine Spray {optional for added luminosity}



Twisted Bohemian Style


  • Begin by parting your hair where desired. For a messier look, leave a few pieces of hair out to frame the face, and then grab a section of hair in which you will be twisting back. Simply twist this section of hair in an upwards motion until you reach the end. Then, grab a bobby pin to secure to your head at the back. Do the same thing on the opposite side of your head and secure over the initial twist with a bobby pin. This look is now complete!


Multiple Bun Classy Up-do


  • Grab your hair from a bit higher than the temples, gathering your hair to the back. Twist your hair to create a bun and hide the end of your twist within the bun. Once you feel the bun is in place, grab a few bobby pins to secure. Ensure that the bobby pins are fastened beneath the bun so that they aren’t visible. Now grabbing the hair directly behind the temples, bring it to the back of your head while twisting and again forming another bun beneath the first. Secure this bun using bobby pins as done with the first. Complete this same process using the rest of your hair. You will likely be able to create 4 buns for this fancy evening look!




  • Wow, i really like this look with twisted bohemian style!!!

    Posted by sharzad on October 30, 2016

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Posted: Oct 03 2016
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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