Twisted Rope Braid Hair Tutorial

Nina Dobrev with rope braid hair

A unique take on the braid sensation, this twisted look is especially effortless since it’s much easier than your regular 3-strand or French braid. It’s also incredibly chic and fun to accessorize. Give it a summery spin or keep it posh - here’s how to get the twisted rope braid in just a few simple steps!







  • Begin by brushing out any tangles and clipping in your Leyla Milani Hair Extensions for added length and thickness! Part your hair down the middle and beginning with 2 pieces of hair at the front of on one side of your head, start by placing the front piece of hair over the bottom. Repeat this process while also grabbing and adding new pieces of hair to the front piece. Continue with these steps until you’ve reached the bottom of your head.


  • From here, grab a large section of hair to add to your front piece and using the remainder of your hair (from the rest of your head), twist each section onto itself and then twist them onto each other. The motion is twisting to one side (i.e. the left) and crossing on the opposite side (i.e. the right). Finish by securing with a clear hair elastic at the bottom. Last, gently pull out the sides of your braid to create additional volume.


  • Optional: add a few small flower accessories to your rope braid for additional summer oomph. Also, give your hair a light spray of the Leyla Milani Hair Glossilocks Shine Spray for increased brilliance and luminosity (and a lovely melon-y scent). It will even help to protect your locks from sun damage with its built-in UV protection!


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Posted: Jun 20 2016
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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