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How to Pick the Right Hair Extension Color

In order to get the most out of your hair extensions, it’s important to ensure you have the perfect match to your hair color. The idea is to provide your hair with natural-looking length, volume, and bounce. Many however, might not know how to match their hair color online. But it’s actually much easier than you think! Here is a quick guide on how to pick the right color of...

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Three Hairstyles that Highlight Clip in Hair Extensions


Okay, so you bought the best clip in hair extensions. Now what? Well, you can check out our blog for the latest celebrity hair trends. If you're in a rush or a girl who just wants the basics, here are three styles that will highlight your new Milani hair extensions. Hair Down Starting at the nape of the neck, part your hair horizontally. The key to hiding hair extensions is...

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Hair Extensions - What To Look For

This is something many women who want to achieve long, glossy locks ask themselves. Most of us have heard hair extensions mentioned, but are far from experts in the field. That's why we thought a post about what to look for in hair extensions might be helpful. The best hair extensions look like they could be your own hair. Notice we didn't say "look like they are your own hair"...

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How to Add Volume To Hair Using Clip In Hair Extensions

Many women love the super long, luxurious look they get using Milani Hair clip in hair extensions.  But what if you have shorter hair and you just want to add volume to your thin or weak hair?  Sharzad did a "how to add volume to hair" video using our Milani Hair extensions. In this video, she shows you that it's okay to cut the clip in extensions if they are...

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Milani Hair vs. Synthetic Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions

You may have heard of a humble, blonde singer named Jessica Simpson and you’ve probably seen her on TV promoting her hair extensions. Sister can definitely sing, but how do her synthetic clip in hair extensions match up against Milani Hair real hair extensions? Hair Quality Most of the products in Jessica Simpson hair extensions line is synthetic, so you may feel a bit like a Cut N’ Style Barbie...

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Adding Length and Fullness Using Clip On Hair Extensions

A major aspect of feeling sexy as a woman is having long and full, beautiful hair. It has the power to literally transform your look and enhance your features, making you appear more youthful and vibrant as well. Since many of us though are not blessed with the fullness and length we all desire, clip-on hair extensions are simply the best alternative. Whether you’re a celebrity, business professional, or even...

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Considering Hair Extensions? What you need to know about remy hair!

Hair extensions are a hot trend these days. From the most glamorous celebrities to your fashion-savvy girlfriends--they're all going to great lengths for this hot commodity. And what's not to like? You can wait a whole year to grow your natural hair a measly 6 inches...or you can snap on some foot-long locks in just a few minutes! But before you run out and snatch up the first hair extension...

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Featured on Leyla Milani's Milani Hair Dry Shampoo Product Review


Dry shampoo is a girl on the go’s miracle!  I have virgin fine hair that tends to get oily fairly quickly, and since shampooing hair on the daily is a no-no, dry shampoo has become my drug.  It’s the perfect solution for having your hair look amazing in between showers.  Honestly, I have tried many different brands, but have been left unsatisfied.  They either leave a powder-like residue in my...

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Leyla Milani: The Examiner Interview with the Founder of Milani Hair

Milani Hair is one of the most popular brands on the market today. It is growing exponentially, and consists of everything from hair extensions and hair tools to hair care products. Leyla Milani is the founder, and has created a simply outstanding company. She is a former “Deal or No Deal” model. She was also seen on an episode of TLC’s “Secrets of a Trophy Wife” and Bravo’s “Shahs of Sunset.” The star...

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Boost Your Confidence with 100% Human Hair Extensions

If you have thin hair, you’ll know how difficult it is to build up the perfect volume and hairstyle. Teasing too much can damage and rat up your hair overtime. Constantly using hair products such as harsh lacquer sprays and gel can cause your hair to shed even more. If you want to give your hair more depth, you should definitely give 100% human hair extensions a go. Milani Hair...

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Clip on Extensions: An Easy Way to Change Up Your Look!

Do you have shorter hair and are waiting to grow it out to a longer length? The time it takes for hair to grow can be a bit daunting, since most hair only grows a half an inch to an inch each month. With clip on hair extensions, you can change your look quickly and effortless in a matter of minutes. At Milani Hair, we provide you with 100% silky...

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Some Cool Experiments To Try with Hair Extensions

These days, every A-lister on the red carpet is using hair extensions to build length and volume.  Actresses often need to cut their hair for roles, and, rather than waiting months for it to grow out, they go back to their original glamorous hairstyles by getting hair extensions.  Rihanna is seen with a new look every couple of months.  Ashley Greene cut her hair short for the Twilight roles (she still...

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