More Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know!

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Effortless hair hacks are always a great idea, especially when they’re super chic! Check out these incredible hair-tips below to not only save you time, but also show you unique ways to style your locks:


  1. For Fine/Thinning Hair
  • If there are any visible gaps in your hair, you can easily take an eye shadow that matches your hair color, and apply it using an angled makeup brush throughout your scalp. Simply fill in these noticeable areas as you would with your eyebrows!


  1. Faux Bangs
  • Anyone who is thinking about cutting their bangs, yet is unsure of it should try this first! Gather your hair up into ponytail and flip it over your forehead. Now using the end of your ponytail to create your “faux bangs”, take some bobby pins and pin them in the middle of your ponytail to your scalp. Last, take a section of your hair from the side of your ponytail, bringing it over to cover the bobby pins and securing off to the side.


  1. Two-Minute Curls


  1. For Less Voluminous Hair
  • Take your Leyla Milani Hair Extensions and use a 3 clip-weft folded into two, and create a regular 3-strand braid. Once the braid is finished and secured, gently fan out the sides to make it thicker. Now you can use it as a decorative piece on your head! For a Boho look, place it over the midline of crown of your head going horizontally and secure with bobby pins!


  1. The 1-Minute Bun
  • Gather all of your hair to the side and secure in a ponytail. Next, taking a small section of hair, twist it around, and create a pouf by hold a tiny piece of hair and then pulling the rest upward. Do this to your entire ponytail grabbing small-medium sized sections at a time. This will create a flowery-bun appearance! Finish by pinning all of the ends in place.


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Posted: Jul 11 2016
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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