Creating the Perfect Low Bun

Olivia Wilde with brown hair in a low bun


This is a simple, elegant look that can be created perfectly in just minutes! Beautiful for an evening night out or even a professional day at the office, it’s also a great transitional look from day to night. Also, if you’re trying to increase the number of days between hair washes – an up-do is an ideal look for the second day!


Here’s how to create the perfect low bun:






  • Always begin by brushing your hair with your Miracle Brush to ensure there are no tangles. Next, part your hair using the end of your ‘Big Tease’ comb. Note: you can choose to part your hair on the side or down the middle for this look. To part your hair on the side, position the end of your comb upward from the arch of your eyebrow as a guide. Once your hair is parted, brush the rest of your hair back and create a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Secure with a hair elastic.
  • Once your hair is in the ponytail, grab your chignon or “hair donut” and bring your entire ponytail through the center of it. Then, fan out your hair around the chignon to cover. You’ll want to ensure the hair is evenly distributed here. Next, begin hiding your hair underneath the bun and tuck in the ends.
  • Finish the bun by securing with bobby pins {always insert with the ribbed portion facing upward. Last, use a medium coat of your Leyla Milani Hair ‘Hold it Right There’ Hairspray on Level 2 to set. And there you have it, the perfect low bun!
  • Added touch: for additional shine and luminosity {especially for an elegant evening out}, add some shine spray



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Posted: Jul 18 2016
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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