Best 2017 Hair Trends

Kendall Jenner at Cannes Film Festival with wet styled hair

Looking for some of the hottest hair trends of 2017? These 3 styles are show-stoppingly fresh and super sleek! Here’s how to create them…






  1. Super High Ponytail
  • Create a mini ponytail at the crown of your head – this will be the anchor for your ponytail and where you will attach your hair extensions. Smooth out any bumps first. Taking your Leyla Milani Hair Extensions, clip two wefts together to create a fuller ponytail, instead of clipping them in separately. Simply clip these around your high ponytail. Use hairspray to smooth out the rest of your hair and to create a sleeker, pulled-back look. Take a brush to smooth out the pieces around your face. Now, taking the rest of your hair, pull up to create one final high ponytail. Grab a piece of hair from your ponytail at the back, wrap it around your hair elastic to conceal and secure with a bobby pin.


  1. Wet Red Carpet
  • Scrunch your hair with a damp cloth or slightly wet it with a spray bottle before you begin. To make sure this wet look stays and doesn’t dry, take a medium-hold mousse and simply lather it throughout your locks. You can put as much or as little as you like to maintain this wet look. Scrunch your hair from the bottom up to create a nicely texture wave. Finish by taking a brush to gently comb back any fine hairs.


  1. Sleek Straight Hair
  • Straighten your hair with your Leyla Milani ‘Give it to Me Straight’ flat iron and then clip in your hair extensions. Note: if your hair is thin, you can straighten your hair with the extensions already clipped in. Otherwise, you should straighten them separately and then blend them together. After every section is complete don’t forget to hairspray to keep in place.


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Posted: Jan 09 2017
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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