How to Create a Triple Braid Hairstyle

blonde celebrity with triple braid

This is a really cool mixed braid style that incorporates a French braid at the top, moving down to a fishtail braid, and finishing off with a regular 3-strand braid. It’s a unique and sexy take on all of the most popular braided looks!





  • Choosing a side (left or right), take a small section of hair from the front side of your head, twisting it around your finger and away from your face. Take a new piece just beneath this twist and repeat in the same direction. Keep twisting these 2 sections of hair, but adding more in with each twist. This technique secures the twist and hides any shorter layers of your hair. Once you’ve gathered and twisted all of the pieces on this side of your head, secure with an elastic band.
  • Before you start braiding the other side, be sure to brush your hair and hair extensions to ensure there are no tangles or knots (adding a few extra hair wefts on this side is ideal!). Begin by taking a small section of hair at the top of your head on the opposite side that you’ve previously working on. Now you’re going to create the French braid. This is basically a 3-strand braid that incorporates small sections of hair as you work your way downward.
  • Keep braiding down until you reach the part you’ve previously tied with an elastic on the opposite side. Now, combine the two sections together and remove the elastic. Using both sections of gathered hair, you’re now going to proceed into a fishtail braid. Once you reach about halfway to the bottom of your hair, secure with another elastic. Go back and hide any parts that may be sticking out, while also fanning out the braid.
  • Finish this style by completing a regular 3-strand braid until you reach the bottom and secure with a final elastic. Also fan-out this braided section. {Optional}: take scissors and carefully cut the previous elastic holding your fishtail braid portion in place. This will combine the 2 braids together.
  • Last, take your curling wand and curl any pieces that are left hanging out. This completes the style making it look more effortless and romantic!


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Posted: Feb 22 2016
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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