Quick Fixes for Dirty Hair after the Gym

woman wearing sunglasses with blonde hair in a ponytail

Since the clock may not always be on your side (and sweaty hair isn’t trending these days), you may want to know how to make the best out of your tampered tresses. Thankfully, these tricks of the trade can save you the effort of re-washing your hair and eliminating the grime look in no-time.


Dry Shampoo

What some may call a “God-send”, this magical spray will soak up oil, grease, and also add chic texture to an otherwise ‘hot mess’. Simply spray the product evenly throughout (more or less depending on level of greasiness), let sit for a few minutes, towel dry hair until shampoo is fully absorbed, brush and style! The Leyla Milani Hair No H20 Dry Shampoo will also provide a fresh, clean scent, while not causing any product build-up.


Wash Your Bangs

If you’re short for time and your greasy hair just can’t go unnoticed, one helpful fix would be to simply wash your bangs. Since this is the part that everyone sees, a quick wash and dry will instantly conceal an otherwise dirty scalp. And the best part is, it will only take a few minutes!


Go Sleek

Alternatively, you can make the additional oils work for you and go for the sleeked back look! Take your Leyla Milani Hair ‘Big Tease’ comb and smooth out your locks – finish by tying your hair into a low or high ponytail or sleek braid. Also, be sure to tame any flyaways with a light coat of ‘Hold it Right There’ Hairspray {level 1}.



If you’re really not feeling your locks, create a distraction by adding an eye-catching accessory or throwing on a chic hat. You can texturize the rest of your locks by adding some dry shampoo to create salty wave look, or create a minimalist side braid. The choice is yours!



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Posted: Jan 25 2016
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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