How to Prevent Hair Loss

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Being one of the 21 million women (or 35 million men) suffering from hair loss in the United States (and exponentially more worldwide) can be an extremely distressing challenge to face. Having a full head of hair is not only a sign of good health, but it also weighs heavily on one’s sense of confidence. Thankfully, there are several crucial ways to prevent hair loss from occurring and will help keep your locks lush for life!


Eat a Healthy Diet

  • Consume plenty of organic green leafy vegetables, raw nuts, seeds, and fresh fruit. Having a healthy diet is CRUCIAL in maintaining a healthy scalp as it delivers essential nutrients to the follicles, encouraging proper growth and structure.


Monitor Iron Levels

  • Iron deficiency is well known to be a cause of hair loss. Along with your regular blood work, it is also wise to check your iron (aka ‘ferritin’) levels. If you were deficient, it could easily be corrected and save you from any unnecessary hair loss.


Use the Right Type of Hair Extensions

  • Fusion, bonding, or sewn hair extensions are extremely damaging, since they act as a constant “pull” to your natural hair. Overtime your locks become looser and weaker, resulting in a reduction in hair overall. Clip-in hair extensions on the other hand, offer the best alternative – as you only leave them in temporarily, minimizing an unnecessary pull to your locks.



  • Emotional and physical stress will not only cause hair loss, but pre-mature aging also! Engage in stress-reduction exercises to help manage and decrease your stress levels. Not only will your tresses by thanking you, but you will work your way to a healthier mind and body in the process.


Massage Castor Oil into Your Scalp

  • Used for many years, this folk remedy has been known to increase circulation, and therefore oxygen and nutrients to the scalp, encouraging hair growth and strengthening. Take a dime-sized amount and gently massage into your scalp as a therapeutic nightly ritual.


Change Your Part

  • If you haven’t changed your part in awhile, it might be time to switch it up! This provides necessary stimulation as you don’t want your hair to get used to consistently being secured in one place. You don’t have to change your part by much, even a few millimetres will do the trick!


  • I enjoy reading all the advice on solving problems with hair loss and more. Looking forward to ordering products that will assist in my work.

    Posted by Tamy on January 19, 2016

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Posted: Jan 18 2016
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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