How to: Mermaid Braid

Celebrity with hair in a mermaid braid

If you’re dressing up as a mermaid for Halloween (or just want to feel like one any day of the week), this stunning hair tutorial is for you! Here’s how to get the mermaid braid:





  • Brush out your hair to ensure there are no tangles.
  • First, separate a middle-sized section at the crown of your head brushing it back, and placing it into a ponytail. Now gently pull out some pieces of hair from the ponytail upward, to create additional volume. Then, create a regular 3-strand braid down this section, and secure at the bottom.
  • Now begin curling your hair away from your face, giving each section a few seconds to cool off in your hands before dropping the curl. Then, twist toward the braid, while grabbing certain sections along the twist, and pulling outward (this creates a more romantic, loose appearance). Next, pull the twist through under the base of your braided ponytail. Repeat the same thing on the opposite side.
  • Keep repeating the same curling, twisting, and securing the twist until all of your hair is gathered. With each twist, loop it through a lower portion of your braid (doesn’t have to be sequential)– this creates a beautiful multi-dimensional effect.
  • Once you’ve reached the end of the braid, gather all of your hair and secure it together with an elastic at the end. To finish, lightly pull on some strands throughout to create further volume and spray with a light coating of your ‘Hold it right There Hairspray’!


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Posted: Oct 29 2015
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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