5 Easy Ways to Curl Your Hair

Nicole Kidman with blonde curly hair

Believe it or not, there are many different techniques you can use to curl your hair using a single barrel curling iron. From tight curls to loose curls (and everything in between) here are 5 easy ways to curl your hair!






  1. Classic Curls
  • Bring your hair FLAT on the barrel (starting high or low – up to you) and wrap your hair around away from your face, leaving no spaces in between the wraps, AND ensuring that each piece is wrapped flat around the iron. Your hair will look like a ribbon around the iron barrel. Ensure that each curl sets for 15 seconds, release, and hold in your palm for an additional 10 seconds to cool. Note: for courser hair, you’ll need to set your iron on a higher temperature setting (at least 325 degrees F) than for finer hair. Once your hair is curled you can gently loosen by running your fingers through each curls.


  1. Natural Curls
  • Wrap your hair AWAY from your face twice around the barrel of your curling iron, and then wrap the remaining length of your hair TOWARD your face around the barrel. This is done because in any natural curl, they do not move in one direction.


  1. Tight Curls
  • For tighter curls you must work with SMALLER Also, when wrapping your hair around the barrel it’s important to keep SPACE between each wrap around. This will take longer to complete, but the results are beautiful, cute curls!


  1. Twist Curls
  • You must also work with smaller sections of hair for these types of curls. Begin by TWISTING each section of hair away from your face while also curling it around the barrel. You’ll want to curl it tightly. This is the same technique as a classic curl, only you’re twisting your hair as well. This look is effortless and natural-looking, almost like a beach wave!


  1. Loose Wave
  • Working with THICKER sections, wrap your hair around the barrel starting low on the hair shaft. As you’re curling the hair, you’re not actually holding the hair around the barrel, but instead you’re letting it This creates soft, bouncy, loose waves! It will also take less time if you are working with larger sections of hair.


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Posted: Jun 27 2016
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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