How to Use Bobby Pins

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When it comes to hair, the most important thing is to know the basics! The reason why its important to know the basics with bobby pins is so you can be successful in creating any hairstyle that requires pinning. If you notice that when you pin your hair it unravels or falls easily, this tutorial is for you!


Use Good Quality Bobby Pins

  • If you notice your bobby pins become loose after one time, it’s not good quality. Usually a beauty supplier will usually carry a professional quality brand that you can re-use over and over and they shouldn’t lose their grip!


Secure Properly

  • A common myth is that you need to pull open a bobby pin before inserting it into your hair – this is not the case. Many people pull it open with their teeth, don’t do this! Instead, you simply slide the bobby pin as is into the area you want to secure. It’s as simple as that!


Proper Technique

  • In order to get the best hold with each bobby pin, you’re going to slide it into your hair and then move it upward (lift and feeling your scalp) and back around (pushing down). NOTE: You’ll want the wavy side of the bobby pin against your head – this is known as the “locking technique” and will ensure your hair stays in place all This is especially useful for securing buns and styles where there is a lot of hair to manage for each pin.



  • Spray dry shampoo or texture spray on the bobby pin to add extra grip and prevent slipping.
  • Keep your hair from falling in front of your face using hidden bobby pins.
  • Use them to secure tiny braids and the end of a longer braid.
  • Cover the elastic of your ponytail by pinning a small section of hair to the base.
  • Prop up your ponytail by inserting bobby pins vertically beneath the ponytail.
  • Place your bobby pins in a tic-tac container for easy access and storage!



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Posted: Jun 01 2015
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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