3 On-the-Go Hairstyles

Blonde Sienna Miller with bangs and a ponytail

 In a rush? These are 3 different styles that are sure to impress and take only seconds to create. So being on the go doesn’t have to make you compromise on style!




Classic Ponytail

  • One that never goes out of style, and very easy to create! Simply brush your hair out using your Miracle Brush and give your roots a few sprays of dry shampoo to add texture. Now gathering your hair up to a ponytail, play with the placement until you are satisfied and ensure there is a bit of volume at the top. Before securing, also make sure you take out any pieces you want that will frame your face. Now tie your hair with an elastic and gently tug on it to further secure placement. For a sleeker look, take a piece from the ponytail, wrap it around the elastic band and then pin in place.


Twisted Ponytails

  • Take the top section of your hair and begin tying as if it were a regular ponytail. Make a little hole right above the hair elastic and pull your ponytail through. This makes a beautiful, feminine twisted appearance and will accentuate highlighted hair! Next, gently tug on some pieces from the twist to make it appear more effortless. Last, gather the rest of your hair and create a second ponytail beneath the first. Then, repeat the same process as above, except you are only pulling your ponytail halfway through to create a small loop that falls to the nape of your neck.


Quick Extension Placements

  • Using your Leyla Milani Hair Extensions, section off the bottom half of your hair and stack two 3-clip wefts one above the other (this creates more fullness). Once these are clipped in, take another section of hair above and clip in two of the 4-clip wefts, one stacked above the other.


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Posted: Aug 01 2016
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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