Hair Blow-Drying Tutorial

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You may be surprised at just how many women have difficulty with blow-drying their hair. From not knowing proper brush technique, nozzle placement and handling, to the crucial cooling stage—there’s a correct way to blow-dry your tresses in order to achieve optimal results. Below is our step-by-step salon-worthy blowout tutorial that will give you your best blow-out...everytime:


Prep your tresses

  • On damp hair, apply both a smoothing serum and heat-protectant spray to guard against frizz and damage to your locks. Be sure to brush through for even distribution and massage your scalp for extra lift.
  • Next, separate your hair into 3 workable sections (bottom, middle, and front) and secure each section with a clip.


Drying your hair

  • It’s important to focus on small pieces (about 1-2 inches) when drying your hair.
  • With each small section, take a round bristle brush placing it at the root, holding your hair taught with it. Then, take the nozzle of the blow-dryer close to the hair on the brush and begin drying downward on high heat. Drying this closely will ultimately create the best results (especially if your hair is naturally curly) and the heat protectant spray will help to protect against any potential breakage.
  • Note: It’s important to always blow-dry downward in the natural direction of the hair shaft, as to eliminate as much frizz as possible. Also, when working with the front section of hair, make sure to blow-dry outward in order to create an open frame for your face.


Cooling phase

  • Once you are done with your first section of hair, gather, twist and clip it in place while you work on the remaining sections of your head. The Leyla Milani Hair “Gator Grips” are perfect for securing your hair while styling. By letting your hair cool this way, you are giving it more volume and shape as opposed to simply letting it fall.
  • Once you’ve blow-dried all sections and let them cool (approx. 10 minutes), let your hair loose and finger comb through each section.
  • Last, give your head a light mist of the Leyla Milani Hair “Glossilocks” brilliant shine spray to finish off with a luminous look!


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Posted: Sep 01 2014
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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