Fall Hair Care Tips

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A new turn of season is quickly approaching and with it comes a variety of adaptations to keep you looking your best. From slight changes in hue, “dusting” your tresses, removing excess product build-up, restoring hydration, and the miracle technique that everyone forgets about—here’s our round-up of fall hair care tips!


Choose a warmer shade

  • Hair is naturally lighter in the summer and darkens during the colder months. So, if you’re like most and dye your hair with the change in season, it’s a great idea to choose a warmer shade such as, caramel, golden, and auburn hues.


Trim split-ends

  • If you’ve been watching your tresses grow, now is the time to touch them up! You don’t have to opt for a full haircut if you don’t want to. You can simply “dust”, which is cutting the smallest amount of hair, leaving you length, yet without those unsightly split ends. Going for a regular trim will also make your hair easier to style and give it more volume and bounce.


Remove product build-up

  • Invest in a clarifying shampoo and conditioner that will remove product build-up that has accumulated over the summer months. Popular hair items such as salt spray, shimmers, SPF lotions, and then chlorine of course, will have amassed over the season and now is the time to claim back your maximally shiny tresses!


Use a deep conditioning treatment

  • As beautiful as summer is, the UV rays can be very damaging to your locks. After you’ve undergone a clarifying process to remove product build-up, the next step would be to deep condition, build strength, and restore moisture. The Leyla Milani Hair “Rescue Me Hair Mask” is the perfect way to achieve all of these by providing instantly hydrated, silky smooth, luscious locks in just 5-10 minutes!


Massage your scalp

  • This is truly something you can (and should) do all year-round, although many don’t realize just how important this technique is. Massaging your scalp—or preferably, having someone do it for you—will improve blood circulation, resulting in healthier hair, increased growth, strength, and shine. Blood is nutritive and if you are attracting it to this area, your tresses will begin to feel the results. Take your favorite oil or even some extra time in the shower, and incorporate a scalp massage into your routine. Also, using a boar bristle brush to comb through your hair provides additional scalp massaging benefits—the Leyla Milani Hair “Miracle Brush” does the trick perfectly. An added reward is that this brush even reduces static (a common challenge as the cold weather approaches)!


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Posted: Aug 25 2014
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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