How to: Volumized Ponytail

celebrity with volumized ponytail 

Both cute and classy, bringing volume to your ponytail is a great look to master! It’s also super versatile—from celebrities rocking it on the red carpet while also being the perfect chic look for daytime. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to get the volumized ponytail:


  • First, tease your hair from the roots all the way around. Take sections through the back of the hair all the way to the top and tease effortlessly using your Leyla Milani Hair “Big Tease teasing comb. Sections don’t have to be small unless your hair is particularly fine. Next, tease the sides of your head as well.
  • Once you’ve teased all the way around your head then you’ll want to attach your ponytail. You don’t want this to look too perfect. Grab the hair back, pulling the sides tight but NOT too much at the top because that’s where you want to keep the volume. Also, don’t forget to bring up the bottom of the hair so there is no sagging.
  • Once you have gathered your ponytail and figured out where at the back of your head you’d like to place it (higher for younger appeal), you then secure it with an elastic band.
  • Next, to hide your elastic, take a little bit of hair from underneath and wrap it around the band. Once you’ve wrapped it around, take one small bobby-pin and just place it in, pushing all the way through. Now you have a nicely covered ponytail!
  • At the front of your head you may have some fly-aways but it’s nice to pull them out a bit since you aren’t going for a polished look. If you have too many fly-aways though, simply take your Leyla Milani Hair “Hold it Right There Hairspray and spray onto the sides of your head, while leaving the top a bit messy.


And that’s how you get a volumized ponytail!


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Posted: Jul 21 2014
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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