How to: Elegant Up-Do with Braided Accents

This is a playful take on the rolled “sock” bun, using hair extensions for a bigger voluminous bun (allowing you to leave the sock behind altogether). Read below for a “how to” on an elegant up-do with braided accents.
  1. Separate a high ponytail into 4 equal parts and pin each part out of the way. Take a thin strand of hair from each section, create a regular braid, and secure with tiny elastic bands. The thicker your hair (or hair extensions), the bigger your finished bun. To compress the bun a bit, make the braided pieces slightly larger. Create two braids in each of the 4 sections of hair (8 small braids in total).
  2. Once you’re done with the braids, take the front section of hair with the two braids placed on top of it, and roll it inward toward the base of the ponytail. First, twist the ends of the section within your fingers and then roll it holding it in from both sides. Secure this roll with strong bobby pins, inserting them at both sides of the roll. Pull the bobby pins in separate directions to somewhat stretch the roll. Then, take the next section of hair, create another roll, and secure it next to the first roll. 
  3. Once each roll is secured you can work on all of the details, creating the illusion of a symmetric roll that forms a continuous bun. Do this with all 4 previously sectioned parts. 
  4. Reinforce your bun with hair-pins and Milani Hair “Hold it Right There” Hairspray. Be sure to fill remaining gaps of the bun by gently pulling out hair and pinning where desired. 

Optional: to add more texture to your hair, tease each section first. Also, you can easily decorate this bun with your favorite Swarovski elements for a more glamorous look.

Full video tutorial here: 


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Posted: Jan 14 2014
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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