1950’s Hairstyle “Faux Victory Rolls” Tutorial

The 1950’s were a trendsetting period for some of the most glamorous hairstyles we still see today. From celebrities on the red-carpet and mainstream style-setters like Katy Perry, vintage hair is a popular trend that keeps on going. Below is a quick tutorial on how to achieve the sought-after “Faux Victory Rolls”, which is a staple 1950’s hairstyle. 1. Using a 1-inch barrel curling iron (for traditional vintage look) or larger barrel if you are going for a more modern vintage look, take 1-inch sections of hair and curl. The Milani Hair Triple Threat Curling iron is perfect since you can switch between barrels depending on the style you want. Next, pin each freshly curled piece to cool and set. This will help the curls remain intact. 2. For the bangs, take a fairly big section of hair and curl in the direction you have done with the rest of your curls. You do not need to pin your bangs since you’ll want them to be a bit looser. Gather the bangs once they've cooled and pin out of the way so you can complete the rest of your hair. 3. Once hair is completely cool, take out the pins that are holding each curl in place. 4. Take a few bobby pins and clip back the front-sides of your hair so you can work on the bangs. Taking a teasing comb (Milani Hair Big Tease), go section by section and tease your bangs down to the root and then spray them with hairspray (Milani Hair Hold it Right There). 5. Then, use a smoothing brush to smooth your bangs back (without going too firmly as you don’t want to remove the tease) and let the end of your bangs fall to the side as one curl. The Milani Hair Boar/Nylon Paddle Brush is just the right fit since it is less rough on your hair over regular brushes and will still preserve the curl. 6. Next, pin your bangs into a roll directly slightly to the side with a bobby pin. Spray to set. 7. Brush through the rest of your curls to relax them and give them continuous shape. Take one side section of your hair, tease, and secure back with a bobby pin to open up your face. Smooth out baby hairs with a styling cream and repeat on the other side (use the same amount of hair on both sides). Finally, even out the rest of your hair with a comb and then the ends with a paddle brush. Watch the Video Tutorial Here:


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Posted: Nov 12 2013
by: Duck & Cover

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