Buyer Beware - Why Remy Human Hair Extensions are Better

We could go on and on about how impressive 100% human hair extensions are, so we will. Or, at least, we'll provide six reasons why you should choose 100% human hair extensions and in particular - Remy human hair extensions. There is a variety of benefits to using human hair versus synthetic.


Each hair type has a shelf life. This depends on the care, wear, and other personal factors. Generally, human hair will last about one year; whereas, synthetic hair will need be to replaced after a few months.


If you're someone who likes to try many different styles and colors, you will want human hair as opposed to synthetic. 100% human hair extensions are heat-friendly. Heat burns synthetic hair. Also, you can color 100% human hair extensions with caution. If you want to change colors with synthetic hair, you'll need to buy another unit.


Of course, 100% human hair extensions are just like your own hair. Rain and humidity are sure to affect your style. However, synthetic hair has a pre-set style; so weather is not an issue.


Human hair looks and feels like your natural hair. Use regular shampoo, conditioner, and other styling products on 100% human hair extensions. Synthetic hair is plastic. You need special styling products to deal with the difference in texture.


The cost of human hair extensions are more than that of their synthetic counterparts. But you have to remember, human hair lasts a lot longer. The price difference isn't really a circumstance when you consider you'll need one set of human hair extensions versus four over a twelve month period.

Why Remy Human Hair Extensions?

Remy human hair extensions are gathered with their cuticles intact, not just gathered from salon clippings or other sources that don't keep the cuticles lying in the same direction. Although non-Remy hair may look the same at first, it typicallys wears down much faster, becomes dull and tangles easily. On the whole, 100% human hair extensions are a step above the competition. Celebrities, such as Real Housewives and the Kardashian sisters, adore Remy human hair. So if you're looking for the best hair extensions, make sure you choose those made with remy human hair. At Milani Hair, we make all our hair extensions with 100% remy human hair. For more information, visit


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Posted: Oct 24 2013
by: Duck & Cover

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