Seven Ways to Improve Your Long Hair

If you're going to have long hair, you need to be sure it is great long hair. Whether we like it or not, our appearance can determine our success (or failure) in our everyday confidence, our love lives, and our professional ambitions. To get ahead, improving your long hair is vital. Here are seven ways to accomplish just that.

Brush up on your brush skills:

paddle brushNot just any hairbrush will do; especially when it comes to managing long hair. The purpose of brushing your long tresses is to smooth and detangle, not to break and or damage like some brushes do. A brush with a blend of boar and nylon bristles will gently detangle without pulling and will reduce fly away hair.  Brushes used while blow drying should have widely spaced bristles to prevent increased heat along the brush, which could damage the hair. You should only brush your hair when dry and comb your hair when wet. In general, brushing the hair should be kept to a minimum in order limit breakage. The myth that the hair should be brushed 100 strokes a day and the scalp vigorously massaged with the brush is simply untrue.

Push away from pulling:

It's not that you can't rock a ponytail every now and again; it's that you shouldn't rock it all the time. Tightly pulled ponytails can separate the root from the follicle, causing hair loss. Go for loose buns or braids, and always buy snag free accessories.

Water isn't just for washing:

It is imperative that you consume the recommended amount of water for your body weight if you want healthy long hair. Without proper hydration, your hair becomes dry and brittle which causes breakage and possible hair loss.

Protect and repair:

Using a good hair mask (such as Rescue Me Hair Mask ) with shea butter and argan oil will penetrate your hair cuticle and help to restore elasticity as well as rebuild strength.

Feed your hair:

Topical Vitamin E will allow you to apply the supplement directly to your scalp and nourish your hair health directly. This is especially handy for restoring hair loss or just encouraging hair growth in general.

Become a hair spa:

Massage your scalp during conditioning just like your hair stylist does. Not only does it feel fantastic, it stimulates your hair follicles for growth and volume.

Add some jewels to your crown:

To give your hair a gorgeous instant extension, or perhaps to always have the perfect bangs, purchase some quality clip in extensions. Clip in extensions are not only quick and easy, they are less damaging to your hair. Many celebrities and successful people use clip in extensions all the time. To obtain the most natural look, check out the 100% human hair extensions by Milani Hair Products. Remember, appearances can determine so many things. Regardless of the hair you inherited, having the proper knowledge and know-how will get you great long hair no matter what! With hair that is healthy and gorgeous you'll be confident, sought after, and successful.


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Posted: Oct 17 2013
by: Duck & Cover

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