How to Get Beach Wave Hair

Aside from getting a great tan, one of the most sought after beauty benefits from hitting the beach is that gorgeous tousled wave you get from swimming in natural salt water. Once the sea salt dries along with your hair, it creates this disheveled beach wave that is effortlessly chic and attractive. Combined with a golden tan, you’ve got this summer beach trend mastered. But if you don’t have access to the ocean, how do you get beach wave hair?

There are 5 simple steps to getting beach wave hair:

Note: Beginning with second-day washed hair is best since it will be more workable for the following technique.

Step 1:

First, brush out your hair using the Milani Hair Boar/Nylon Paddle Brush (works best with all hair types and extensions from Milani Hair). Then, center-part your mane using the paddle brush or comb and apply mousse to the surface of your hair.

Step 2:

Loosely braid medium sections of your hair (approximately 1-2 inches of thickness per braid). Once each braid is tied, slightly pull out the edges throughout to make them more relaxed. Do this until your entire head is braided.

Step 3:

Flat-iron each braid twice, gently clamping down from top to bottom. The 1” Ceramic Hair Iron by Milani Hair is perfect for this. After this process is complete, unbraid each section.

Step 4:

Use a curling iron to slightly wave out the front pieces of your hair. Wrap 2” pieces from the front area only and make sure to direct them away from your face in order to add some dimension. The 3/4” sized barrel on the Milani Hair Triple Threat Ceramic Curling Iron will nicely do the trick.

Step 5:

Last, rub some Dry Texturizing Wax on your hands and run your fingers through your hair. Focusing on your roots for more volume, gently tousle each section. Be careful not to over-do this part since you don’t want to add too much product and weigh it down. And those are your 5 simples steps on how to get sexy beach wave hair for summer. As always, having your Milani Hair clip-on hair extensions for this look will make it even more beautiful as you’ll have more hair to tousle!


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Posted: Jul 08 2013
by: Duck & Cover

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