A Milani Hair guide to Perfect Bridesmaid Hairstyles.

Wedding season has arrived, which means that many of us will be donning bridesmaid dresses and heading down the aisle in support of our favorite bride. Whether you love your dress or plan on burning it after the ceremony, finding the perfect hairstyle is crucial to complete the look for the big day. While there are is a wide variety of styles, volume and length added by Milani hair will ensure that you execute the look exactly the way you want to. Here are a few tips and some of 2013’s biggest trends to make sure that you are looking your best. Pay attention to the Dress. No matter what the best style is, the most important thing to take into consideration is the dress. Having a style that does not complement the cut or color of the dress can be a serious problem. Remember the simpler the dress the more complex your hair can be and vice versa. It is also an elegant touch to add matching accessories such as flowers, head bands and barrettes. This guarantees that even if each bridesmaid has a different hair style there is still something that gives them a unified look. Up Dos Up Do’s are all over the bridal scene this year. These often include, messy buns, a braid bun hybrid that hangs loosely to one side and many other similar combinations. For those of us planning on dancing our hearts out at the reception, try a tighter bun, or an up do with bigger cleaner curls or braids. Leave it Down Long hair can add some serious glamour to your bridesmaid dress. Try a straight Side ponytail with added flourishes such as a small braid or barrette. For a fuller look, leaving it down and then curl your extensions. Other places to try. These are only a few of the basics, there are hundreds if not thousands of hairstyles to choose from, and the ultimate choice is left to you and the bride. Check out these sites to get more hair ideas and of course make sure to give it that extra wow power with Milani Hair. Brides.comWeddinghair.com Wedding hair on Pinterest


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Posted: May 27 2013
by: Duck & Cover

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