Survey Says Men Prefer Women With Long Hair

Hair is a woman's crowing glory, and according to a poll conducted by Daily Mail Reporter, men prefer that crowing glory to be long. When 3,000 men were asked about the style of hair they find most attractive, 43% said long and wavy, followed by 13% long and straight, 10% classic bob, 9% mid-length straight, 7% pixie cut, 6% long bob, 5% bowl cut, 4% beehive, and 3% mid-length wavy or curled. While most men favored long and wavy locks, 72% said they also had a preference for shiny hair rather than hair without gloss. The men also claimed that they liked the more laid-back look rather than when a woman's hair had been meticulously styled, making it seem untouchable. The celebrity hairstyles deemed most sexy were Cheryl Cole's full wavy 'do, and Jennifer Aniston's long and sleek look. So the obvious question is, why is it that long hair is so irresistible to men? It's no secret that males are visual creatures (80% said they notice when a woman changes her hair), so the fact that hair has endlessly been seen as the symbol for femininity is a given, but there's more. Men like something they can run their fingers through. Abundant, flowing tresses look more natural and inviting, like they're just asking to be played with, touched, and tugged on. While this is the appearance that most men find predominantly appealing, it is often the most difficult to achieve for us women. Unfortunately, we don't all wake up with that perfect "play with me" hair. Some of us have naturally thin hair. Some of us can't get our hair to grow out. And some just simply don't have the time to maintain long hair. So how can we achieve this look? It's easy when using Milani Hair extensions. Simply go to and find the extensions that best match your color. They're easy to clip in, easy to wear, affordable (considering what traditional salon  glue in or sew in extensions cost) and because they're made from 100% real human hair, you can style them just as you would your natural locks. You can achieve the fullness and length that you've always wanted, and that men find so irresistible!


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Posted: Mar 07 2013
by: Duck & Cover

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