Mommy-Wood: On-the-Go Celebrity Hair Extensions

Celebrity hair extensions have been a long time staple of glamour in Hollywood. From Marie Claire cover shoots to red carpet glam, stylists have depended on human hair extensions to create the look of long, voluminous hair that moves naturally with each click of the camera. Typical salon hair extensions can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars in a small town to thousands of dollars in high end metropolitan salons.  And not to mention, individually glued or sewn-in hair extensions can take up to three hours or longer to correctly attach in your hair! Yikes! Now that many of the stars we grew up with are becoming moms, they don’t have as much time to devote to spending hours at the salon. But how do they still manage to look so fabulous? Is it just the motherhood glow or something else? As Tori Spelling once said, “Bump is the new black.” However, babies aren’t the only new hot “accessory” in Hollywood right now that are making young moms turn heads. While starlets like Hilary Duff and Kourtney Kardashian added new additions to their family, they weren’t quite ready to give up their glam lifestyle. But thanks to super easy fashion-fixes like our 100% human hair extensions celebrity moms are as glamorous as ever! Today’s mom is just as glamorous as the modern single girl. The only difference is in the way they get glam. These Mommy-wood mothers are now just as concerned with looking fabulous as they are with being able to pull their hair back and go when they need to chase down their stylish tots in Central Park. Thanks to the magic of our 100% human hair extensions moms can go from being the red carpet starlet to the solo singer of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star effortlessly. Check out this look from our favorite Mommy-wood over achiever Kourtney Kardashian. Clearly her full locks are hiding expensive celebrity hair extensions because it’s not always quite as thick on the show. But thanks to the magic of clip in extensions Kourt can remove her ultra-lush locks before bed or before finger painting with little Mason in her New York flat. Take home Kourtney’s haute Hollywood mane with our 100% human hair extensions in dark chocolate. And don’t you just love Miranda Kerr’s new mommy makeover? Because this beauty is a model she has to go the extra mile to look fierce at all times and with her little tot entering the “explore the world” stage she’s had to learn to get glam on the go.  Orlando gushes about his new wife saying “Motherhood has made her even sexier to me.” We can’t say that we disagree! Miranda really wears motherhood well and sources say that she is so devoted to her role as mom to little Flynn that she’s been known to nurse him backstage at Bryant Park minutes before she’s set to walk the runway. If you are a mom who rocks highlights you’ll love our new highlighted celebrity hair extensions. They blend in like a dream. Another mom who didn’t trade in her high heels for pregnancy is Beyonce. From stylish minis to low cut couture gowns, Beyonce stayed authentic to her style with glam looks and super fabulous hair. No doubt now that Ivy Blue has entered the world, she won’t be able to spend quite as much time with her stylist but Beyonce is no stranger to clip on hair extensions. We look for her to start using them more and more often these days. We think the adventure of motherhood is going to make her even more playful with her style. We’ve seen her go from super long looks to shoulder length styles within hours. Bey's pregnancy glam took our breath away and we love how fabulous she was even while nursing morning sickness. Our 100% human hair extensions in light blondish brown are perfect for making her look your own. When it comes to looking fab on the go, Mommy-wood mothers love our 100% human hair extensions and we pride ourselves on being that go-to-glam-fix when the salon is just too tough. From Melissa Joan Hart to Shar Jackson and many more celebrity moms and stylists alike, Milani Hair celebrity hair extensions are a favorite among the Mommy-wood scene. Make them part of your morning routine and show us how you work the glam, Mama!


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Posted: Jan 13 2012
by: Duck & Cover

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