Celebrity Hair Talk: Lady Gaga Part II

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known as Lady Gaga, has become an icon of avant-garde celebrity fashion. Her outrageous outfits and couture redefine the world of glam rock every time she steps in front of a camera, and now you can do the same. Just follow these helpful hair tips and you’ll be on your way to a trendsetting celebrity hairstyle in no time: It’s All About Volume. Lady Gaga’s hairstyles may be many things, but they certainly aren’t understated. In order to get the wild textures and two-toned dyes that define the Haus of Gaga look, you need a voluminous foundation to work with. The best way to bulk up to your hair is to incorporate real hair extensions into your natural locks. They’ll add a lot of length and can be styled and dyed beforehand to save yourself some trouble later on. Crazy Curls. You’d better have your curling irons handy if you want a Gaga look, because every one of her hairstyles has been teased and textured to the extreme. Don’t worry about symmetry when applying your curls – choose to mix and match your barrel sizes instead. This way you’ll create layers that add depth and character to your hairstyle. Brilliant Bangs. Bangs are another key component of any Gaga hairstyle. Whether she's wearing her hair long or short, bangs always frame her face and highlight her flamboyant eye makeup. It doesn’t matter if you like your bangs long or short, but you should play with texture by staggering their length or getting them razor-cut to maximize their versatility. Platinum Blonde. You can make waves by just teasing and texturing out a celebrity hairstyle. But to really channel your inner Gaga, you should prepare your hair to go platinum. The striking, white-blonde locks have become a signature component of Lady Gaga’s look, and you can achieve the same results by bleaching your hair and then using a toner to fine-tune it. This is an extreme step, but it’s also the mark of a true little monster. Lady Gaga’s look is all about controlled chaos, so pump up your ‘do with clip-in hair extensions and go wild with your curlers. Remember, it’s not about how your hair turns out, it’s about wearing your edgy celebrity hairstyle with pride. So don’t be afraid to try something new. Stop by next week for even more hair tips and celebrity hair talk, and check out our wide variety of real hair extensions today.


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Posted: Sep 29 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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