Hair Tips: How to Give Yourself a 1960s-Style Hairdo

The sixties are gone, but the hairstyles of that decade are still going strong. Stars like Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon hit the red carpet this fall decked out in big bouffants and fabulous flips that called to mind celebrity hairstyles from that super-fun decade, and now’s the perfect time to join in on the action. Whether you’re a retro rocker or a flower-child fashionista, here are a few tips on how to give your hair some sixties flair: 1)    Go Big. The key to any good 1960s hairstyle is volume, volume, volume. Whether you’re flaunting a ponytail or an up-do, you want to make sure your hair is as big as it can possibly be. If you don’t want to spend hours teasing up your 'do with a big brush and a few cans of hairspray, then take a page out of Reese Witherspoon’s book and pick up some clip-in hair extensions. 2)    Use a Curling Iron. The flips and curls that defined so many popular 1960s hairstyles used to require an entire afternoon in full rollers to set, but you can give your hair the same retro texture with a big-barrel curling iron. Not only are curling irons much quicker to use, they’re also much more versatile. With a good iron, you can do anything. 3)    Break Out the Bandanas. Bandanas were a big accessory in the sixties, so make sure to have a few on hand. Using them as headbands will add interest to your ensemble and make your hairstyle seem even more striking – especially if your bandana features a throwback pattern, like polka dots. The sixties are where it's at for throwback celebrity hairstyles this season, and the best way to get in on the trend is by using clip-in hair extensions. They’re a great way to add the volume that defined 1960s hairstyles, but without all the tricky styling. Just clip 'em in, curl 'em and tie 'em up in a bandana for a look that’s totally groovy, man!


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Posted: Sep 14 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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