Celebrity Hair Talk: VMAs Addition

MTV’s Video Music Awards show exploded in a hurricane of sequins and electro-pop this past Sunday, and all the stars came out to flaunt their new celebrity hairstyles. The yearly awards show is known for its over-the-top antics and garish spectacles, and this year was no exception. Celebrities hit the red carpet wearing everything from black lace evening gowns to shimmering Minnie Mouse tops, and their hair was even more extravagant. So, without further ado, we present the good, the bad and the strange of the VMA celebrity hairstyles: The Good Beyoncé – Beyoncé looked stunning as she announced her pregnancy to the world. By wearing her luscious locks in a side-swept ponytail, she created a flowing hairstyle that perfectly complemented her just-as-flowy orange gown. Demi Lovato – Demi stole the spotlight with her bejeweled silver body-con and flowing light and dark-brown hair. Her real hair extensions looked thick and natural and the curls were so big you could’ve climbed them. We’d like the number of her celebrity hair stylist, please. The Bad Deena Cortese – The “Jersey Shore” starlet wasn’t scoring any points from the judges with that fountain of hair and piñata of a dress. We know the flowing poof is a staple for “guidettes” everywhere, but this is just too, too much. Deena, you need to put down the real hair extensions and walk away. Katy Perry – Oh Katie, those lavender locks have got to go. The Rubik’s Cube Cheesehead and broken-record dress were bad enough, but that hair makes you look like a real E.T. Someone needs to hire this talented young woman a new stylist. The Strange Nicki Minaj – We don’t really know how to describe Miss Minaj’s VMA outfit. Harujuku Frankenstein? Candy Land nightmare? Whatever you want to call it, we certainly have to give Nicki points for boldness. Her cotton-candy updo was both strange and strangely appealing at the same time. Well, that does it for this year’s coverage of the VMAs. We hope you enjoyed watching the parade of hair ‘dos and don’ts as much as we did. We’ll be back next week to discuss even more celebrity hairstyles. Until then, remember: having a fashion role model is a good thing. But choose wisely!


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Posted: Aug 31 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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