Bangin’ Coiffures: 6 Great Bang Hairstyles

No other hairdo has gained more widespread appeal over the past few years than bangs. This style has been seen on a range of women, from young starlets and indie rockers to your grandmother and everyone in between. Perhaps this is because of the style's versatility: bang hairstyles can be customized any number of ways to fit your own personal taste, and they look great whether you have long or short hair. You can even use real hair extensions from Milani to switch between long and short over the course of a day. For inspiration, refer to this list of the 6 most popular bang hairstyles: 1. Straight Bangs. This basic style involves combing your hair straight forward and trimming it right at the eyebrows. Straight bang hairstyles are the simplest kind, but they nevertheless exude an air of trendy simplicity. 2. Parted Bangs. Similar in many ways to straight bangs, the parted look exposes more of your face, thus making it a perfect hairdo for women with strong features. It also keeps your forehead cooler in hot weather. 3. Wispy Bangs. For women with thinner hair, wispy bangs are the way to go. When parted on the side, they can bring some roundness to heart-shaped faces or angular chins. 4. Wavy Bangs. Whether your hair is naturally wavy or your waves are the result of a calculated effort, these bangs are definitely fierce: this 'do calls to mind a lions mane. Brush your already-wavy hair down and to the side (or tp the sides if you want to try a center part). If your hair is straight and you want to try the look, grab your flat iron and experiment. Rawr. 5. Short Bangs. Have you ever wanted to emulate Emma Watson’s sexy new pixie cut? We know you've thought about it, just like we know how tough it can be to make the drastic transition to short hair. Go all out and take a dive, because with Milani’s real hair extensions, you can go back and forth between trendy pixie bang hairstyles and long luxurious locks in a matter of minutes! 6. Sideswept Bangs.  Get swept away by this top-notch style that’s just as sexy as it is sophisticated. Whether your sweep your bangs to the left or right, this ‘do will focus attention on your eyes and cheekbones. Bang hairstyles are great because they can be fully customized to compliment your specific look. If you have very short hair, you can attach Milani real hair extensions and give them a trim. Try out some new styles, worry-free!


  • I love the dress, and I love the idea! (I stalked you over here from Nichole’s tweet, so hello.)Not too long ago, my dad shewod us old home movies, and it was so fun to see my grandma as a young mother, all dressed in her 50s dresses and pearls. This post and your lovely photos of your mom reminded me of that.angela recently posted..

    Posted by Emerson on April 02, 2015

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Posted: Jul 27 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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