Hair Don’t of the Day: 4 Punk Hairstyles that Miss the Mark

A few months ago, we mentioned some awesome punk hairstyles that you could try out while rocking at your favorite summer music festival. Punk hairstyles are the result of an “anything goes” mentality coupled with a unique combination of fashion and attitude. It can be a difficult balance to pull off, but when done correctly you’ll have a sensational look that is guaranteed to have everyone talking. But on the other hand, punk hairstyles can be taken to the extreme, often with disastrous results. Here are 4 punk hairstyles that miss the mark, and will most definitely not have anyone moshing in your favor. The Half-Shaved Head. The most bipolar of punk hairstyles, this fashion faux pas looks like your stylist passed out halfway through buzzing your head. This style, considered a hip sign of rebellion in the 80s, now looks simply ridiculous. The Fully Shaved Head. Short punk hairstyles are very fashionable nowadays, but a fully shaved head is taking it too far. If you want a short hairdo, take notes from young starlets like Emma Watson and go with a sexy pixie cut. It’s short enough to make a statement, and you can still go long with clip in hair extensions if you so desire. The Euro Mullet. Forget “business up front, party in the back.” Euro mullet punk hairstyles up the ante on trashiness, making the traditional trailer park mullet look vogue by comparison. This is one hairdo you should just let your greasy European counterparts keep. The Rat Tail. Like a mutated half-cousin of a regular ponytail, a rat tail is a long strand of hair that runs down the back of your head. Unless you’re living in the sewers with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this is one of the punk hairstyles you don’t want to touch with a ten-foot pole. Great punk hairstyles favor the bold, no doubt, but you have to draw the line somewhere. These examples go beyond merely making a statement. If you or someone you know are rocking one of these hairstyles, hope is not entirely lost. You can do some damage control on overly insane punk hairstyles by getting some clip in hair extensions to fix the mess. Rock on!


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Posted: Jul 09 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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