Summer Celebrity Hair Styles for Long Hair

Summer is a time for easy celebrity hair styles that don't require much time and effort. After all, the more time you spend doing your hair, the less time there is for you to be out enjoying the sunshine and great weather. Celebrities with long hair swear by these summer celebrity hair styles:
  • Braid it and forget it. Braids are a trend from spring 2011, and they’re going to stick around for the rest of the year. Put a twist on the typical braid by moving your braid to the side of your head or doing milkmaid braids over the top of your head. The best part about braids? They look better with a little wear, so you can twist your hair into a braid or two and forget about it for the rest of the day. Certain braided styles can even take you from night into day, so experiment to figure out which celebrity hair styles you like best.
  • One fun bun. Celebrities with long hair are often caught walking around town with a stylish bun. It's a functional hair style that can be incredibly stylish. This summer, try one of many celebrity hair styles featuring a bun. Put it up high on your head for a topknot nobody will forget, or move it to the side for a quirky take on a classic.
  • Just let it go. Long, loose hair is one of those celebrity hair styles you'll spot on everyone from LaurenConrad to SarahJessicaParker. It's perfect for summer, when beach hair is a perennial trend. This summer, make long, loose waves your second-day hair style – just braid it the first day, then leave the waves in for the next day. A couple of quick spritzes with hairspray should be all you need to look stylish all day.
  • Make your ponytail pop. Celebrity hair styles are all about making ordinary looks extraordinary. You can capture the style of celebrities with long hair by making your ponytail fun. Pull your hair high onto the crown of your head, then tease the roots to make it stand out. Finish by curling the ends, or leave them straight for a more relaxed look.
Summer heat doesn't have to mean you lose your style. You can look (and feel) cool with one of these great celebrity hair styles for summer.


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Posted: Jul 02 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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