4 1950s Hairstyles That Rock the Sock Hop

Listen up, daddy-o, it’s a known fact that fashion is often cyclical. Certain styles become all the rage for a while before fading into obscurity, only to resurface decades later more popular than ever. Although poodle skirts (hopefully) aren’t making a comeback anytime soon, 2011 is seeing a renaissance in 1950s hairstyles. Unless you want to be square, take a gander at these 4 fabulous hairstyles from way back when. The Beehive. The beehive, also know as a B-52 (for its resemblance to the infamous bomber), is perhaps one of the most iconic 1950s hairstyles. Created by teasing your hair upwards and securing it in place with an obscene amount of hairspray, this popular up-do’s reintegration into contemporary culture may be attributed to Marge Simpson’s fabulously kitsch mile-high blue hive. Amy Winehouse even got real hair extensions to achieve this signature look. The Bob. Although popularized by fashion-forward women way back in the '20s, the bob resurfaced as a one of the most popular 1950s hairstyles thanks to the models and actresses of the era. Marked by straight hair cut short around jaw level (with bangs up front), the bob was an instant hit. Trendy hairstyles like the bob have recently graced the heads of superstars like Katie Holmes and Rihanna. If you decide you want to rock this 'do, you don’t have to say goodbye to your long locks entirely: simply clip in Milani real hair extensions to go from short to long in no time. The Poodle. For a perfect example of the poodle cut, look no further than Lucille Ball, who wore this hairdo for the majority of I Love Lucy. This hairstyle, like the beehive, requires a lot of hairspray to curl the hair on top while pulling the sides straight against your head. You may look like a poodle, but you'll be an extremely stylish one – just look at Jennifer Lopez, who brought some class back to last year’s Oscars. The French Twist. Go with this timeless look for your next formal event and your hair will be looking as glamorous as Audrey Hepburn's. Just form a loose ponytail and twist it up until your hair turns in on itself against your head, then pin it. You’ll see this classic style popping at proms, weddings and other dressy events. Longer hair yields an even more impressive twist, so it's a great idea to employ real hair extensions to really maximize this look. 1950s hairstyles were epitomized by glamorous and unique hairstyles. It's easy to replicate these classic looks with Milani’s real hair extensions, so get yourself a step ahead of this season’s fashion curve by stepping back in time. And if you do find grandma's poodle skirt way back in the closet, be cautious but brave (but mostly brave). For when it comes to the poodle skirt, if you want to be iconic, you must first be ironic.


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Posted: Jun 30 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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