Hairstyles For Heart Shaped Faces: Part 1

If you have gorgeous, high cheekbones and a narrow, prominent chin, congratulations – you can pull off one of the many hairstyles for heart shaped faces. There are tons of options that will emphasize your natural beauty, from short bobs to longer hairstyles. If you have a heart shaped face, try one of these hairstyles for heart shaped faces:
  • Side swept bangs. Many people with heart shaped faces have larger foreheads. Minimize the appearance of your forehead with side swept bangs and a side part. You can have your stylist cut them or maintain them yourself – either way, side swept bangs look great with your face shape.
  • A messy bob. Women with heart shaped faces look great with short, messy bobs. The trick is to make sure the ends are tapered and slightly longer as they approach your face. This highlights your great cheekbones and emphasizes your natural beauty. The best part of a messy bob is that it will take you literally seconds to get ready in the morning. Just towel dry your hair and you can be out the door.
  • Look into cool hair extensions. There are tons of long hairstyles for heart shaped faces, but cool hair extensions take the look to another level. Try adding interest to your hair with red or black extensions, or pick up cool hair extensions in a color slightly lighter than your natural color for instant highlights or an ombre hairstyle.
  • Think out, not up. If you're looking for volume, try adding fullness on the sides, rather than on the top of your head. Ask your stylist to cut your hair in long layers to emphasize your cheekbones and facial structure. If you have curly hair, try a shorter style that ends right around your cheekbones.
  • Perfect pixie. Dare to go bare – on your head. Get a short, choppy pixie haircut that shows off your face. Think Halle Berry and go for a piecey pixie.
Hairstyles for heart shaped faces range from super short to long and luxurious. If you have a heart shaped face, try out one of these fantastic hairstyles next time you visit the salon.


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Posted: May 09 2011
by: Duck & Cover

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